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Old 8th Jul 2018, 11:15 PM DefaultWhat do you collect? #1
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We all have our quirks in collections. What are yours?

For me, fashion dolls that aren't Barbie and the CDs from the Japanese Dancemania series by Intercord (later i-dance) (Dancemania is a common name for various dance collections)

The non-Barbies collections start during the trial between Mattel and MGA, who made the Bratz doll. When His Dishonor Judge Larsen ruled in favor of Mattel, which meant the Bratz dolls would be considered illegal to manufacture under MGA, it felt like a giant middle finger to the fact that the Bratz dolls were like the most constant competition in decades and had 40% of the fashion doll market share. When a different judge reversed it on the grounds of "America runs on competition, Barbie is no exceptions.” But who would think Barbie would be betrayed by a doll from her company. In the hey day, Monster High made billions much quicker than Barbie had since the 2010 release.

Sadly, with Toys R Us closed in the US due to Wall Street saddling them with debt and not due to Amazon, many toy companies are now facing the unknown of what to do now that the institution of Toys R Us closed in the US.

As for my CD collection, I started in my teenage years of collection of Dancemania CDs. I had access to Kinokuniya, a book store that sold music, videos, manga in a few East Asian language (I have 11 volumes of Lupin the Third in Taiwanese Mandarin) and blind box goodies.

I have about 30 albums out of 100+ and the main series has about 30 albums and then the sub series has quite a lot of varying numbers as well as subgenres of music.

Besides, the used CD market helps eliminate wasteful dumping.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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Old 9th Jul 2018, 8:37 AM #2
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Oh lawd what don't I collect? OK, iPhone cases, charms, keyrings, socks, video games (obvio), movies, pins, bags, Pokemon cards (previously), vape pieces, bottles, fleece blankets (previously), manga (previously), anime (previously), bobbleheads (previously), gift certificates (previously), series seasons, photos, crucifixes, candles, pagan jewelry, amulets, things with pentacles, stones, rosaries, rhinestone earrings, gold and silver chains, chain bracelets, rings, hats, and sunglasses.

- Sent from my iHell
Old 9th Jul 2018, 2:02 PM #3

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I collect dirty clothes before washing them.

If there'll be too many humans wherever I have to go, I'd rather stay home
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Old 9th Jul 2018, 9:10 PM #4
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Lately I mostly collect sadness and anxiety. I seem to have a big collection of it that I've found over the last few years too. I am looking to get rid of it, though I don't want to give it to anyone either. It's just not for me anymore.

I used to be big on collecting sports cards, though I gave that up years ago. I still have my collection in my closet, though I don't even remember most of what I had. I know I have almost every one of the Ken Griffey Jr rookie cards because I was obsessed with him and needed those cards. I have some rookie cards of other big name athletes as well including Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter (I think) and who knows what else. I also have a decent sized video game collection, just over 500 games according to my GameFAQs collection list. Then again I don't get games to collect them, I get them to play and just don't sell them or anything. Apparently the most games I have on any platform is the NES (or Famicom) with 46 games.
Old 9th Jul 2018, 11:03 PM #5

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I don't really collect anything on a big scale... uh. My boyfriend collects Pokémon cards, so I help out with that.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Old 9th Jul 2018, 11:07 PM #6

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Woodwind and brass instruments!

Honestly, it wasn't really meant to be a collection, and I still value it all as more than a collection because they are instruments that can be played and I enjoy playing them. I just happen to like a wide variety of instruments a whole lot. Lol.

It's just before 2015 I got every single instrument only with the expressed interest in learning it. I got my oboe in late 2013. It was the last of those instruments, and I told myself, my parents, and everyone that was it. But then things happened in 2015, I was really down. My mom and I started going to antique and vintage shops and we started to find salvageable instruments, and that barrier was broken. Lol. Although at the same time I also found someone really amazing who plays pretty much any woodwind and uses them to record her own music. I really looked up to her (and still do, of course!), and that became something I wanted to do and getting all of these instruments helped me believe I might be able to do it! Lol.

Anyway, enough of that. Want to know my exact collection? =P

I think that's everything? It would be larger, but in late 2015, I found a teacher and then quit my job and returned to college. The tenor recorder was bought with my graduation money. lol.

♫ Keeping this here until EA gives us a proper playable woodwind/brass instrument ♫
Old 10th Jul 2018, 8:12 PM #7
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I seem to collect Sims games and expansions, etc....

Addicted to The Sims since 2000.
Old 12th Jul 2018, 12:30 AM #8

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Anything with I Love Lucy on it.
Old 29th Jul 2018, 7:56 AM #9
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A few years ago I started collecting money. I figure it might be worth something someday.
Old Yesterday, 5:30 AM #10
Test Subject

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i have a collection of those japanese puzzle erasers
animals, foods, items, pretty much anything i like, sometimes i keep some in my pencil cases too
Old Yesterday, 5:40 AM #11

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Originally Posted by ScaryRob
A few years ago I started collecting money. I figure it might be worth something someday.
I collect money as well. Particularly, banknotes from around the world. I'm a notaphilist! I've been doing it for years. I was building a website and trying to scan and catalog my collection. It's taking quite a bit of time. It's been over a year that the website is still under construction. I still have tons more banknotes to go. I'll probably have to update prices to make the website current after setting it all up.

Here's what it looks like so far.

Check out my latest version of Superman's Classic Uniform for The Sims 2.
See what images I have posted on DeviantArt as well related to The Sims 2 and designs.
Also check out My Website to see my superhero uniform creations for The Sims 2. THANKS!!!
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My boyfriend surprised me with some really cool piggybanks a few days ago. I haven't collected them for a while, but these were digimon! Made in the 90s I believe. He had got 6 for £20 off some guy. Turns out there's 7 to collect, and they're pretty hard to come by and super expensive just for 1. Guess I'll never complete this collection...

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Old Yesterday, 4:27 PM #13
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fat. I collect fat. I'm good at it, too.

Why is it the songs we hate the most set up permanent residence in our brains? Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=603534 . Bulbizarre's website: https://bulbizarre.neocities.org/
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Books. I probably have enough for half a library by now...

Used to collect teddy bears and plushies when I was younger, but not so much now. I have enough of them - some 200-300 I think (including a lot of small ones).

And CC for sims. I have way more than I'll ever use ingame.

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