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Originally Posted by Unsearchably
Sims 3 had CASt and people still bought the stuff packs. Even Diesel stuff which was 90% retextures.

That is true, stuff packs will always be bought. A few new meshes will do it. I can see CASt having an effect on this, but that would just mean the developers put more new meshes in if the less sales were much noticable.

Anyway, I also see CASt as something that makes any stuff pack or CC more valuable. Because it lets you change patterns/colours on your stuff pack stuff too. So maybe this evens it out? When the stuff pack has stuff with colours you don't like, it won't matter because you can change it with CASt. I really like to write stuff pack stuff for some reason.
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Originally Posted by mithrak_nl
That is true, crap will always be bought.

Fixed that for you.
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New meshes for the Sims is fine. Much better than getting a few RESKINS like in FPS games. New objects in a stuff pack can give you an entirely new way to play the game.

For example - Outdoor Living in TS3. While the execution could have had a little more work (it lacks architectural pieces to make outdoor spaces really stand out, same with Perfect Patio), we never got an outdoor stuff pack of that magnitude before. Traditionally, outdoor spaces were extras in other packs, like Seasons, but Outdoor Living actually brought them to life. Not just functionally but asthetetically.

Sure, you can put a KITCHEN refrigerator and KITCHEN counters and a LIVING ROOM fireplace in your yard, and it’ll look hideous. Outdoor Living makes the space look intentional, not incidental.

The problem, like many stuff packs, is that they don’t take a theme and run away with it. They don’t fill in games that are otherwise needed. That’s why I mentioned architecture. Imagine the gardens we could have if we got several structures that made backyards appear to have built in looks to them, like stone fencing, modular floor shapes that make patios look like they have curves, stone plants for the sides and trims of gardens, or even actual pergolas. Instead we got decorative lemonade and a an easel. What fun!

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Originally Posted by Unsearchably
Sims 3 had CASt and people still bought the stuff packs. Even Diesel stuff which was 90% retextures.


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