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Old 6th Feb 2019, 5:51 PM DefaultUsing incompressed sim textures #1
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Just a question. I have noticed in game options the box for enabling using uncompressed sim textures. I have turned it on and off and to be honest, on my computer I cannot see a difference in the appearance of my sims or in the performance of my game. I have all my game video and audio options on their highest settings. I also have an ASUS gaming laptop with the best video card, processor, etc. available at the time of its purchase 2 years ago. My game looks and runs fine. An internet search came up with an explanation that the sims are supposed have more clarity and smoothness in their facial features, but I see no difference, and my sim detail is smooth, sharp, and clear with no shadows. Is it possible that that this feature is intended for computers with lower specs and that is why I see no difference? BTW, I am not complaining about the look of my game or performance on my equipment, just very curious.

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