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Old 30th Oct 2018, 1:31 PM DefaultThe Twisted Nightmare #1
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- Before I start this is a story that may also have a short film of it in the future, if you want to watch the short film and have no spoilers, don't read the story.


- On a cold breezy night, a child named Chloe was getting ready for bed. She popped in her princess bed, and her mommy gave her a kiss goodnight. She walks out the room and the lights turn off. As Chloe starts to drift off, she all of a sudden hears a noise in her room, she jerks awake and looks around to see if there was anything there, but there wasn't. She soon thought it was just her family members doing stuff, so she then fell asleep.

- Chloe wakes up in her bed, feeling cold, she looks around to see it was morning. She gets up and stretches, then walks towards her door. But as she walks towards her door, she feels she isn't getting any closer to it, and she sees her walls are turning white, and behind her is darkness. She didn't dare turn around when she heard a grumble right behind her, instead she took off and ran closer towards the door. She finally grasps the handle, and opens the door. To her reveal, she sees a dark room with one lit light on the ceiling. She walks towards the light, until she is almost under it. Chloe then sees some of her toys she had beside her bedside table, and she saw her beloved teddy bear. Chloe grabbed her teddy, named Sally. She hugged her tight, as she walked towards another lit light. All of a sudden, she sees her mother, and her mother calls her to come. Chloe felt relieved and started walking towards her mother. Right as Chloe was a few feet away from her mom, she felt something weird in her stomach. The mother flicked into a dark monster, and Chloe went running back to her door. But the door wasn't there anymore, and the monster wasn't following her. Chloe sat down and thought what was happening. She hugged her teddy Sally tight, and she felt that she fell asleep.

- She woke up thinking how'd she even fall asleep, if it was morning, so she got up and was still in that dark nightmare place. She searched around for doors, but instead she found that dark monster and screamed. Then, she remembered that monsters weren't actually real, and her mother once told her that if she ever encounters something, or someone she doesn't like, she has to tell them to leave her alone. So Chloe told the big dark monster to leave her alone, but that only made the monster go towards her faster. Chloe thought the monster wasn't listening to her, so she took action. As the monster got close to her, Chloe kicked the monster, leaving it in pain on it's knees. Chloe then went running down the dark halls. That only made the monster angrier. As Chloe was running, the monster prepared to grab her, but beforehand, Chloe ran into another dimension. She didn't know what was going on, and what had happened to her family. She looked down, almost crying. She was scared, cold and alone with Sally the teddy bear.

- A thought came in Chloe's head, was all this real? She thought, and she looked at her hand, it looked the same as when she was going to bed, and it looked realistic. Chloe felt sad, and devastated as she thinks it's all really real. But just as she was going to cry properly, a white glowing globe comes her way. She looks up and sees it coming towards her, she didn't know what to think. But as it got close to her, Chloe decided to put her hand on it. Her vision fades, until she can't see anything. Chloe's vision comes back, as she opens her physical eyes and looks to see she's in her bed. She looks around the room, and sees it's morning again. Her teddy bear Sally was sat on the floor, where she left it, and not in her arms, or in the those dark rooms. She looks at her hands again, but this time she does a reality check by touching the palm of her hand with one finger, it doesn't seem to go through her hand. Her mother then comes into her room, and says good morning to her, and that she has to get ready for school. Chloe feels so relieved, that it was all just a twisted nightmare.


- When one gets inspired by the other, the one inspires another - Anything is Possible

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