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Old 8th May 2018, 5:54 PM DefaultTip on sims 2 HomeCrafterPlus regarding black walls. #1
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Hello all,
This is my first post and I hope this is the right section to put it in.
I was making walls and it was going well, when all of a sudden HCP started to make all my walls black.
After testing all sorts of things, even copied maxis walls, openend them in paint.net and putting them back with different name but no changes made,
they turned up black.
But after a lot of struggles, testing, reading, and such I found out myself :
When you safe your wall make sure you safe it as a 24bit colour width file!
If you safe it automaticly it comes out wrong and turns black.
I really hope this can help someone that is facing the same problems I had.

With love Dutchessy.

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