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Old 7th Feb 2018, 5:42 PM DefaultYour sims couples! #1
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Which premade sims do/have you coupled up in your game?
Here are the ones from my uberhood:

Previously I had:
  • General Buzz Grunt/Natasha Una (it was cute!)
  • Angela Pleasant/Tank Grunt (His dad wanted him to settle down with a nice girl from a respectable family)
  • A few more, I don't really remember as I deleted that game ^^;

Currently I have:
  • Lilith Pleasant/Johnny Smith (two chemistry bolts, helloooo!!!)
  • Rachel (Ripp) Grunt/Ophelia Nigmos (I like to make Ripp transgender in my game,,, he always gives me a feminine vibe,,, and Ophelia was always super sweet to him!)
  • Buzz/Natasha again lol
  • Angela Pleasant/Malcom Landgraab (aged him down to make him seem like a bratty trust fund kid lmao)
That's all, considering it's a new game ^^;

I'd love to know yours! Maybe it will give me ideas for mine?
Old 7th Feb 2018, 6:09 PM #2
Test Subject

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I have some unconventional ones that I'd never paired up before but that I'm also quite liking in my game! Here's a selection:

Nina Caliente/ Vidcund Curious (not married but with a child and living together)
Buzz Grunt/ Ellen Frost
Pascal Curious/ Marla Biggs
Lola Curious/ Emily Lee
Phineas Furley/ Tom Freshe
Brandi Broke/ Nathan Gavigan
John Burb/ Mary Gavigan
Kaylynn Langerak / Max Flexor

The teens are now just starting to graduate uni and are being paired off but no set agenda just yet. I also had some unconventional 'couples' who were never actually together but have produced children:
Chloe Curious/Chaz Whippler
Bella Goth/ Jonah Powers

Chaz got alien pregnant by Chloe
Old 7th Feb 2018, 6:40 PM #3
Peni Griffin
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Marla + Pascal would have the cutest of all possible babies!

In my Strangetown, General Buzz has married Kristen Loste. Tank is engaged to David Ottomas and Ripp to Ophelia Nigmos, though he's also in love with her doppelganger, Zoe Zimmerman. Jasmine Rea is married to Francis Worthington the III and they just had twins. Blossom Moonbeam and William Williamson are married, which can't be all that uncommon. Klara Vonderstein + Johnny Smith. Vidcund Curious + Monica Bratford. Lazlo and Pascal both married townies, Crystal Vu and Christy Inada, respectively. Guy Wrightley and DJ Verse just got engaged. Gunnar Roque is the town bicycle at the moment, but Lola Curious-Smith and I have Plans - I'm shipping them hard.

In Drama Acres there's relatively few premade/premade pairings. Heather Huffington + Kevin Beare = 6 blond Beares. Martin Ruben + Allegra Gorey. Ashley Pitts + Brittany Upsnott. Castor Nova + Jane Stacks = the most boring genes in town.Sam Thomas + Ty Bubbler = parties every day and no children. Trisha Traveller divorced Trent to marry Julien Cooke. Everybody else married a townie, a CAS sim, a born-in-game, or hasn't been played enough to pair up.

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Old 7th Feb 2018, 7:00 PM #4

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Angela Pleasant/Dustin Broke are my OTP.
In addition to that, in Pleasantview/Bluewater Village I like:

Cassandra Goth/Malcolm Landgraab IV
Dinah Caliente/Dirk Dreamer(after Dinah has finished growing up and got her act together)
Lilith Pleasant/Alexander Goth

Those are the ones I definitely want to recreate when my Beginning hood reached that point.

In addition to the standard couples that will result in Pleasantview I currently I have in: Michael Bachelor/Chris Roomies, Tadeo(Tango) Caliente/Melissa Roomies, Simis Bachelor/Everyone (first time I'll ever gonna fulfill that "had Woohoo with 20 different Sims LTW" ) Flora (Frieda) Goth/Benjamin Crumplebottom and, when they were teenagers there was Michael Bachelor/Coral Ruggbyrne. And oof course a whole lot of "non-canon" brothers, sisters and CAS sims paired up with each other.
Old 7th Feb 2018, 7:08 PM #5
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You've inspired me to add a 'Romantic Interest' column to my spreadsheet. I'll be back in a bit.

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Old 7th Feb 2018, 7:26 PM #6
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Originally Posted by MischeM6
Nina Caliente/ Vidcund Curious (not married but with a child and living together)
Buzz Grunt/ Ellen Frost
Pascal Curious/ Marla Biggs
Lola Curious/ Emily Lee
Phineas Furley/ Tom Freshe
Brandi Broke/ Nathan Gavigan
John Burb/ Mary Gavigan
Kaylynn Langerak / Max Flexor

Those are some really interesting parings. I love the idea of Pascal and Marla. Brandi and Nathan sound interesting too. In my game Nathan is with Ginger Newson and just like in your game, I have John and Mary together.

Some interesting ones in my game:
Leod McGreggor and Crystal Vu - very weird but they really work well together. They have twin boys and a little girl in my game. Llion, Hywell and Moira.
Juliette Capp and Orion Tricou - an arrange marriage to cover up Juliette's teen pregnancy (with Romeo) arranged by Consort. They took a while to warm up to each other, but now they're inseperable. They're almost at 10 children!
Vidcund Curious and Bella Goth - I don't like them together, but they seem to like each other a lot. They have twins - Victor and Vanessa, who have been rivals since they were toddlers.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Old 7th Feb 2018, 8:48 PM #7

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I had a few unexpected pairings in my uberhood that I became surprisingly fond of. I'm aware that some (most?) of them might be on the unusual side though, so I'll just list a couple of them.

Angela Pleasant / Juliette Capp
Hermia Capp / Orion Tricou
Bianca Monty / Vidcund Curious
Lazlo Curious / Florence Delarosa
Lola Curious / Erin Beaker
Olive Specter / Ajay Loner --> which later turned to Ophelia Nigmos/Ajay Loner after Olive's reunion with Grim
Jenny Smith / Oberon Gossamer - love works in mysterious ways
Kent Capp / Cornwall Capp - mysterious ways...

It's not a pairing in the traditional sense, but Lilith Pleasant and Tybalt Capp were romantically involved yet were never unable to make it official because Tybalt knew that his family would disapprove of her. She ended up using Dustin Broke and Tank Grunt to hide her grief and Tybalt eventually fell in love with someone else, but Lilith/Tybalt has been one of my favorite "tragic" pairs ever since.

There's also my favorite crack pairing - Goneril Capp/wine, the best love story I've ever had in my game.
Old 7th Feb 2018, 11:05 PM #8

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Gee, I have four folders so hard to keep track.

Please note multiple pairings using same people. I'm showing all my couples from all folders.

Pt9 died and Jenny went with Stephen Tinker after his wife passed.
Circe went with Pascal briefly after Loki died in a fire.
But for my current couples I have, Malcolm Landgraab and Cassandra Goth.
Francis Worthington and Stella Terrano.
Chester Gieke and Marla Biggs
Dina Caliente and Lazlo Curious
Pascal Curious and Nervous Subject
Nervous and Circe Beaker
Vidcund Curious and Erin Singles
Jason Larson and Malcolm Landgraab
At one point Malcolm was with Brandi Broke then cheated with Dina.
Brandi Broke and Darren Dreamer
(Pretty obvious what towns I play lol)

I also keep some of the Maxis ships.
Old 8th Feb 2018, 4:13 AM #9
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I've had several of those pairs, Dezzyboo!

Pairings that I can remember offhand in current hoods are:

Malcolm Landgraab and Florence Delarosa
David Ottomas and Marla Biggs
Phineus Furley and Jodie Larson
Chaz Whippler and Ellen Frost
Tom Freshe and Melody Tinker
Martin Ruben and Jane Stacks
Mortimer and Bella Goth (yes, they're back together)

Some that haven't happened yet, but Sims seem interested, are:
Brandi Broke and Pascal Curious
Nervous Subject and Erin Beaker
Morty Roth and Alexandra Teatherton (I don't usually break up the shipped couples, but Stella was so not into that marriage)
Old 8th Feb 2018, 5:01 AM #10
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easy, none, I play no pre-mades. :D

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Old 8th Feb 2018, 6:17 AM #11

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Currently playing Four Corners + Bitville (the converted Life Stories hoods). Never actually played Life Stories, so I guess some parings might seem a bit strange to those who did.

The only existing relationship I broke up was Waring and Ashley Sinclair. The whole backstory there creeped me out a bit, especially since their memories seemed to suggest he'd met her when she was still a teen. I may have been misunderstanding something, but in any case I broke them up and this is the current list of parings:

Fiona Fortuna / Bailey Fortuna - have a set of twin toddlers now
Sara Rhome / Adrien Rhome - have a toddler now
Mission Stardust / Ethan Stardust - now have both a child and a toddler
Madison Fortuna / Jacob Margison - engaged and living together at uni
Sasha Aires / Waring Sinclair - married and have a new baby
Kendra Blaise / Sherman Boggle - married and have a new baby
Naomi Hunt / Vincent Moore - married and have a new baby
Sharon Foss / Maximillion Oglethorpe - married and have a toddler and a set of newborn twins
Riley Harlow / Dylan Kincaid - married with no kids yet, but they do have a dog and a bird
Samantha Hayden / Ashley Sinclair / Alexa Starr / Mickey Smith (all dating each other) - Samantha and Ashley live together and are raising Ashley's just aged to child daughter from her ex husband (Waring). Mickey and Alexa live together and have a toddler together.
Agora Tchotchke / Greg Chomsky - married and have a toddler
Johnny Cullen / Anthony Leive (former npc waiter) - dating and living together but not yet engaged
Jane Harlow / the npc mail carrier (he's not playable so I don't remember his name!) - dating

Don Calamari is still single and still looking. Keats Margison is single and not looking.
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Old 8th Feb 2018, 5:30 PM #12
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ACR and playing according to my sims' wants has given me a lot of pretty unique couples. I'll list some of the ones I know off the top of my head, listing only couples that involve two premades, not premades and townies:

Dina Caliente and Mortimer Goth, married

Dina Goth (nee Caliente) and Ajay Loner, engaged after Mortimer's death

Nathan Gavigan
and Cassandra Goth, one night stand

Alexander Goth and Melody Tinker, married

Brandi Broke and Chester Gieke, dated once

John Burb and Rose Greenman, affair that resulted in a child

John Burb and Erin Beaker, engaged

Mary-Sue Pleasant and Darren Dreamer, affair

Darren Dreamer and Rose Greenman, in a relationship

David Ottomas and Circe Beaker, affair

Cyd Roseland and Chloe Curious, dating

Don Lothario and Florence Delarosa, relationship that resulted in 3 kids

Don Lothario and Lilith Pleasant, engaged with baby on the way

Don Lothario and Stella Roth, affair

Tessa Ramirez and Beau Broke, divorced

Lucy Burb and Erik Swain, engaged (now broken up)

Lucy Burb and Jimmy Phoenix, married

Angela Pleasant and Jacob Martin, married

Julien Cooke and Patricia Wan, married

Ginger Newson and Allegra Gorey, in a relationship

Dirk Dreamer and Sandra Roth, married

Ophelia Nigmos and Xander Roth, married

And finally, Malcolm Landgraab and Jodie Larson, married.

I've left out a few, but there have been a lot of couples who have been together for so long in my game that I've just normalized them in my head as having always been together since I booted up the game. A bunch of premades are also in relationships with townies and premades' kids, but I figured these were some of my more interesting relationships.

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Old 8th Feb 2018, 6:29 PM #13

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Malcolm has triple bolts with both Larson twins
Old 8th Feb 2018, 7:33 PM #14
Nat 619

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In my Pleasantview-Strangetown hood, I've got:

Brandi Broke and Darren Dreamer
Cassandra Goth and Lazlo Curious
Dina Caliente and General Buzz
Don Lothario and just about everyone
Lilith Pleasant and Ripp Grunt
Alexander Goth and Marla Biggs

Those are the most notable, anyway. I felt like doing something different with it this time around instead of going with the usual pairings again.
Old 8th Feb 2018, 9:09 PM #15

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widowed sims; I plan to reunite most of them with their former spouse.
exception:: Olive; would pair her with Tank.
and some widowed sims would be paired with someone different before becoming reunited. Dina & Mortimer. Dina's former spouse (Michael) would be paired with Agnes; Mortimer's former spouse (Bella) would be paired with Beau. after the widowed sims are reunited, Beau would end up with Agnes.
Old 8th Feb 2018, 9:24 PM #16

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tank grunt and puck summerdream
johnny smith ripp grunt and ophelia nigmos (inspired by strangetown here we come)
gilbert jacquet and chloe curious
tybalt capp and mercutio monty
lola curious and kristen loste

i've got more but i'll add them later

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Old 14th Feb 2018, 7:58 AM #17
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Oh my goodness, I almost miss this thread! Pre-mades and romance?! Go get your reading glasses. *cracks fingers*

All right, so, my megahoods usually consist of Veronaville, Pleasantview, Strangetown, and of course, a wide variety of sexualities because why not? Now, I warn you. Some pairings are common, some are very unusual and according to popular choices, unlikely to happen. Who the heck cares, though? Here are mine:

All right, those were occasional. I mean, every time I restart my megahoods, they may or may not happen in that 'reality'. (I am sober, I swear), and while I could write about them more, there would not be enough time to ramble about my favourites if I did! And I am referring to those four pairings I will never stop playing no matter what, those nine sims (yeah, odd number) who will always end up with the same person/people

Anyway, honourable mentions:

I am cutting this here because it was a lot for half an hour, but if someone has a suggestion, help me with Kaylynn Langerak. She is lovely, and as Family sim, I want her to find someone, but who could be worthy of her love? Come on, she deserves better than the homewrecker maid role!
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Old 14th Feb 2018, 9:08 AM #18

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Originally Posted by Annorah
if someone has a suggestion, help me with Kaylynn Langerak. She is lovely, and as Family sim, I want her to find someone, but who could be worthy of her love?

I'd suggest Daren Dreamer, but I'm sure you wouldn't exactly go for that. I'm not sure who's all available at this point, tho, or even who all you've got in your megahood...was Lazlo Curious single?
*checks wiki* Ooooh, what about Stella Terrano?
Old 14th Feb 2018, 10:37 AM #19

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i just realised a while ago i thought putting buck grunt and lucy burb together and jill smith and alexander goth

the reason for goth + smith
i think that due to Mortimer's science interest he'd be happy to marry into an alien family and well of course having one of the curious bros and cassandra together would be ideal too

the reason for grunt + burb
well intially i just felt like swapping around my jill+buck and alexander+lucy and because i want to see the babies,and i'm sure general buzz would find lucy to be a suitable wife...and jennifer would love how the general is rich.

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Old 15th Feb 2018, 1:19 AM #20
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Originally Posted by Rosawyn
I'd suggest Daren Dreamer, but I'm sure you wouldn't exactly go for that. I'm not sure who's all available at this point, tho, or even who all you've got in your megahood...was Lazlo Curious single?
*checks wiki* Ooooh, what about Stella Terrano?

Well, Lazlo is a Romance sim in my game, so he is not a viable option for my sweet Kaylynn. And Darren, well, I understand he is husband material and everyone would be happy to have him by their side (myself included), but Brandi saw him first. She might have to object.

As for Stella, I really like her design, but I am afraid I have never played her before. Universities shipped with the game do not appeal to me, but I can consider her appearance. I may extract her and go with it if I do not find more candidates.

Although, General Buzz Grunt has been lonely for quite a while now
Old 15th Feb 2018, 7:36 AM #21
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Kaylynn and The General.

A Tale of twists to come.
Old 17th Feb 2018, 2:35 PM #22
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Just remembered my favourite pairing in a long time (not in my current game though as my merged hoods are different this time around) was Lilith Pleasant and Tybalt Capp! Both seem to be the rebellious neglected children in their families, and so they just make sense in my mind! (Plus they have very cute ginger babies!)
In that universe some of my favourite non-conventional couplings were also:
Kent Capp and Julien Cooke (Always)
Chloe Curious and Kristen Loste (OTP)
Gilbert Jacquet and...Erin Beaker (weirdly loved that coupling)
Nina Caliente and Jason Larson
Tank Grunt and Crystal Vu
Juliet Capp and Gavin Newson
Hal Capp and Sharla Ottomas
Old 17th Feb 2018, 3:56 PM DefaultMy Sims 2 Pleasantview Couples :) #23
Test Subject

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My Pleasantview couples are...

Cassandra Goth / Darren Dreamer:
Cassandra divorced from Don, after she caught Don cheating with her widow Stepmother Dina (They do not have kids together).
Cassandra Goth married Darren Dreamer and they got one daughter named Silvana Dreamer.
Darren and Dirk moved to the Goths.

Daniel Pleasant / Dina Goth (two-time widow):

Daniel Pleasant, who divorced from Mary-Sue (after Mary-Sue got caught Daniel with Katylnn) to marry Katylnn.
As soon as he caught Katylnn and Don flirting and kissing, he broke up with Katylnn and repented the risk to get divorced to start a new "real" relationship.
After he gets paired off by his sister Jennifer with Dina Goth, the two-time widow, who found out that Don is dating with his sister and katylnn, she broke up to let Nina have a life, that she has dreamed. Dina and Daniel married.
Dina became first time mother and Daniel father for the second time and they got twin-daughters: Melinda and Ursula!

Nina Caliente / Don Lotario:
Nina got an illegitimade son named Thiago with Don.
Don married Nina as Thiago were a Teenager. They kept ther Surname and Thiagos surname is Caliente.

Old 21st Feb 2018, 5:30 PM #24
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Originally Posted by MischeM6
Just remembered my favourite pairing in a long time was Lilith Pleasant and Tybalt Capp! They have very cute ginger babies!

You do not know how much relief I found in this. I mean, Angela is a Lilith clone. My hopes are now up for my OTP's offspring

Also, Kaylynn has developed a crush on Bianca Monty in my game, and it is not one-sided

As for The General, well, Goneril has been divorced for some time, and she is apparently swooning over him on each possible occasion despite being two strangers? Come on, Goneril! Man up and give the first step!
Old 21st Feb 2018, 8:32 PM #25
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They are married in my current Megahood:
Mission Stardust (4 Corners) with Antonio Monty
Frances J. Worthington III with Cassandra Goth
Riley Harlow with Vincent Moore
Martha Russell (Riverside) with General Buzz Grunt

"Old Town Revival: My MegaHood"

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