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Old 22nd Jul 2017, 1:55 AM DefaultGlobal ageing for Castaway Stories? #1
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I don't suppose anyone anywhere on the internet has made, or knows how to make a global ageing mod for Castaway Stories for FreePlay, or Story mode once the story is completed?

Does anyone know if the Global ageing mod for Sims 2 can be modified to work with Castaway Stories?

Only after I started playing did I remember this was one thing (probably the only thing) I hated about Sims 2. No one else gets any older, ever. I don't want to have to play -everyone- for the same amount of time. That is a lot of sims!
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From what I know people in free play mode do age however the game doesn't display the age bar and aging is disabled in the story mode Shipwrecked and single until it has finished. You may want to play a household with a toddler in Wanmami island to test as toddlers age in 4 sim days which would be the shortest time to test if aging is working,

Hopefully this information has been of use.
Old 25th Jul 2017, 7:09 PM #3

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I don't know what that Global ageing mod does, can you be more specific?

The aging on/off cheat code works with Castaways, and you have this hacked mirror which lets you check any sim's age.
Twojeff's Simblender also works, it lets you easily cheat your castaways' age.

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