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Old 13th Mar 2016, 12:47 AM DefaultMake BGEO files from actual Morph meshes GEOM? #1
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Trying to follow a tutorial here.

I must extract the BGEO files from both pieces of clothing, Top and bottom, things is, top is a store content, that contains NO BGEO's.
It contains morph though, but as .simgeom.
I found them 3, fit, fat and thin..and rename them.
I also used the fit one and created a preg one..so now I have all morphs.
But since It is BGEO's that are needed in the tutorial, in the Mesh Toolkit, I think I hazaproblum.

Ok..I MIGHT not hazaproplum..seems that i can use either morph mesh OR BGEO's...
But for some reason, something tells me it will fail.

I knew it. lol

Morph won't work...they do not keep their..shape, after being combined.

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