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Old 1st Mar 2012, 10:13 AM DefaultCustom cellphone keeps crashing my game, help please :) #1
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I made my default replacement for cellphone. I followed the tutorial how to make default replacement (despite the tutorial shows clothing default replacement, but it still works for cellphone): http://www.insimenator.org/showthre...lt+replacements

It says only extract mesh (gmdc) file, texture (txtr) file, large image file (lifo) with each group, instance (high), instance code to new blank SimPE document. After all file appears, click on the txtr file and delete both the links to the lifo files in the bottom window. Edit the gmdc (import mesh) then edit texture. Save it to package. Done. My cellphone works perfectly in-game, BUT the thumbnail and cellphone name still remain default Maxis cellphone (NOYIN).

I'd extracted Catalog Description, changed the default description to my custom description, it doesn't work.

I had experimenting several hours trying different methods; extracting other files accessorycellphonepda (txmt, gmnd, cres, shpe) I'd searched on Scenegraph Resorce Finder,

My game kept crashing and error (sim resetting himself when he's trying to make a call/phone dissapeared/reverted to default cellphone NOYIN mesh) and the rest trial and error I'd tried.

When other custom cellphones by other creators I'd seen work and appear normal like default Maxis cellphone. Their name and thumbnail showing their custom cellphone, not default Maxis NOYIN.

I took MissingStudios' iPhone for example http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=297231 his Resource Tree and List look normal:

While mine is:

Is there any tips for making name and thumbnail (on inventory and cellphone buy mode) for custom cellphone appear, or any other steps than mine how to make default replacement safe for cellphone (enabling functions) without experiencing any crashing and error, but it still shows normal name and thumbnail like other creators' custom cellphone? Any response for helping me I'll appreciate it

UPDATE: Since no one responds my question.. I'd figured it out by myself, using trial and error, testing in-game, trial and error, testing-in-game and such until it could be tested working well in-game Those extraction methods I said above are for default replacement only without changing name and description. Note: Don't extract txmt, gmnd, cres, shpe with incorrect group, instance, instance (high) code because it will error/fail/probably make your content crash in the game.
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