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Old 20th Jun 2009, 1:15 AM DefaultHouse in Edit Town mode looks blank #1
Shoosh Malooka
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Perhaps other people are having this problem as well?

Please view the attached pictures.


When I am editing my house in build / buy mode everything works as it should. Sorry, but that is as far back as the game allows me to go. As you can see, it is somewhat spacey and there is an enclosed outdoor area like an ancient Roman style villa. There are no problems here so far, as this house is under construction.


However, when I zoom out to Edit Town Mode the whole lot looks bare and my house cannot be seen in what seems to be a vast ocean of blue.

This has only begun to happen in my latest copy to library. My comp surpasses the recommended specs. Is this a common faux pas of the program, with a common solution?
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Old 20th Jun 2009, 7:26 AM #2
Mad Poster

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I read on the exchange that a certain lot will sink in Sunset Valley. I don't play big lots, so I don't know what the exact location is, but if you search sinking lots, you will see in the results what I am talking about.

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Old 20th Jun 2009, 7:26 AM #3
Shoosh Malooka
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Well, I was able to solve the problem for myself! It seems that Edit Town mode abhorred the task of showing a 60x60 house being built with five levels where each level did not yet have flooring. Perhaps the game was confused between outside and inside and wanted me to close up those grand halls.

After filling in the top of everything that was open, excluding the center pool area, the game began showing the mansion normally in Edit Town mode. Very strange, indeed! I hope this helps someone else.
Old 20th Jun 2009, 4:43 PM #4
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Bizarre. Thanks for the information; I'm sure that other people will run into this problem.

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