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Old 26th Oct 2007, 6:55 PM DefaultPoems By PixieDust_Fairy #1
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Well Here's one for now, but it's one my friends favorites.
There will be plenty more poems coming, I've just got to locate them first, then I'll be posting them for you guys to read.


Poem 1:
(This has nothing to do with abortion, it's just how I felt about one of my friends who had a pregnant teenage cousin die in a car crash. I usually write about things that happen in this world, that are usually frowned upon or not noticed as much as they should be)


My Baby My Angel

I thought one night would be fun
Just once only once
I called upon your daddy
What happened next I will leave a secret
I didn't think that you would come
A Baby A Gift

Mommy I just found out today
That I am going to live
But since you're a young teen this was the price to pay
I hope I am a miracle, not some silly thing
For now I cannot fly without my angel wings

Dearest Baby I can feel you growing inside
Its been a month and I haven't told any one
I hope the noticeable symptoms subside
My 15th birthday is nearing
And I fear what others think
Soon, Soon I will tell your daddy
I think I will tell him while has fixing that old sink

Mommy I know you'll be so proud of me
My bodies starting to grow
I think I can hear my heart beating
I hope you doing the right thing to let daddy know.

Today I told your daddy
He wasn't to happy
He cursed and said he didn't want you
Let alone want me
He told me he wouldn't love me
If I didn't loose you
For he said has much to young To finally be a daddy

Mommy for the first time I hear daddies voice
Is it supposed to be that mean?
I heard that he gave you a choice
But he sounded very keen
Are you going to keep me?
I'm hoping that you will
Please mommy give me a chance
For I'm your baby girl

My dear angel
I have no clue what to do
Your nearing three months now
Five months is to late for an Abortion
I don't want to tell my parents, but they'll
notice as I grow into a cow
Lately I've been depressed
Lonely and let down

I can feel that your sad
I hope I bring you joy
I hope I am something good and nothing ever
I promise if you keep me I will never really
It seems that Daddy is only going to have to be
a dad

Little one I cant tell my parents
They have huge plans for me
I know I don't want to do this
But its you or me that has to go
Today I plan to throw myself down the stairs
Leading to your death
Please, Please forgive me
I hope you know I love you

Mommy today I felt a little weird
More shaking then ever
I also heard you cry
Please never say never
Where I lay the room started to spin
I hope that your plan wouldn't win
To end my tiny life
For I loved the mommy I was in

My baby
To let you know
My plan didn't work
I hope your little system isn't running slow
Because now I need you
I finally let my parents know
That I was having a baby
The only thing they said was You Little Hoe!
I hope over time they accept you
You are my angel my baby

I cant believe you told
Grandma and Grandpa with pride
What you did was bold
If I were you I would have lied
Now for some reason my surroundings are
feeling a little cold
For a minute I thought I died
But then I realized we no longer had a home
Now I am forced to live on the streets
Without a nice warm home

All I can do right now is beg your daddy
To help us live alone
Oh guess what I know you're a girl
Your name will be Maddy
I am so happy you're my little girl
So is your daddy

I am glad that you are happy for me
7 months has quickly passed
Now I have hair and fingers
I cant wait for the 9 months to end atlas
I hear you talked to daddy
He finally let us in
I know you'll both be excited when you hear my cries
For my mommy I hope that I make up for your
horrible past

Yes my baby
Daddy let us in
He said he would help
And we'd be a family again
I dropped out of school
To become a full time mommy
Now your only 2 weeks away
From being in my arms

Mommy I can feel its close to time
My body is almost perfected
I cant wait till you hear my first whine
I'll be perfect not defected
I guess I get to decide when I want to come
But I'll give you that two weeks
I know you'll need your rest
For when I come around

I lay on the couch waiting for your daddy
He's bringing me to dinner
He said he had a surprise
I hope that has the winner
And will tell me no more lies
A few minutes later he knocks at the door
And I hop into the car
Daddy tells me what he buys

I cant wait to see you mommy
I'm just a few days away
I hear daddies taking you to dinner
I can't wait to see what he has to say
I think he might propose
And you'll be happy for this day

When your daddy starts the car
He seems a little drunk
We didn't go that far
Till I heard a loud clunk!
The room is spinning and everything goes black
I hope your still my baby
And you didn't die on this attack

Mommy I am drifting away
I don't feel like I'm apart of you any more
There isn't much to say
There wont be anything left to adore
I guess this was gods way
To take me back to heaven
I know you'll look back at this day
And daddy will only be known as Kevin

I awake in the hospital 3 weeks to late
I feel my tummy
No baby to be found
Daddy ran into another car
And he instantly died
I know that meeting you isn't that far away
For now I know that I lost my baby that day
I see that I am badly hurt and only have awhile to live
I see my parents across the room
In tears crying for what they didn't give
Now the lights are fading
I cant wait to meet you
My Baby, My angel

The First Time I saw him....I knew he was the one.
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Your Poem is very good!!! I like it a lot seriously!!
Old 26th Oct 2007, 11:57 PM #3
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aww pixie that's so sad, but beautifully written.

Old 27th Oct 2007, 2:36 AM
This message has been deleted by PixieDust_fairy.
Old 18th Jan 2008, 9:36 PM #4
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Wow I just realised that I had this thread xD.
I'll have to pull up some more poems and post them.

The First Time I saw him....I knew he was the one.
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Old 18th Jan 2008, 9:48 PM #5

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Aww, that was sad. That was a wonderful poem.
Old 18th Jan 2008, 10:05 PM #6
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Thank you -Hoang :D

The First Time I saw him....I knew he was the one.
Currently:A Model.

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