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Old 16th Nov 2015, 8:12 PM #851
Test Subject

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Is there any rules about using the easel and selling paintings? It makes really good money and it almost feels like cheating...
Old 26th Dec 2015, 1:46 AM #852
Test Subject

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Hey! I am loving this. Question- can you adopt a stray pet and get it a pet job? Sorry if this was already answered...
Old 31st Dec 2015, 7:57 AM #853
Test Subject

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Originally Posted by Raime
The backstory of this challenge is your sim has moved away from the hustle and bustle of busy SimCity due to the over consumerist nature of the city folk. They've decided to move into a quaint neighbourhood and grow their own food and paint in a peacefull 'one with nature' environment. The Goal of this challenge is 10 generations of sims who only eat what they grow and their only income is from the paintings they sell using the easel. You will need the seasons ep to play this challenge.

- An Adult CAS sim of any gender, looks and turn on/offs. The sim you create now can not be moved out or leave your household until death. Max of two sims for this starting point.
+To determine aspiration roll a dice/generate a number between one and six. Whatever number you get corrosponds to that aspiration in the lineup from left to right.
+To determine personality please see the below information

- Move into a house, you can make it, it can be premade, prefurnished whatever. As long as you can buy it with the starting 20k. I suggest a lot with farm plots and a pond for fishing!
-You can only start with $2000. Buy trees or family fund it. 2k, that's it!
- Buy an easel.

- There is a maximum of 2 adults, 1 elder at any time in a household and 1 teenager. You are allowed as many kids as you can handle but none of them can get jobs as teenagers or adults, they must move out either as teens are on the first day of being an adult. you are allowed pets, they're just also not allowed to get jobs.
- If you marry or move in a sim you are only allowed to keep $1500 of whatever they bring in.
- If you have a family aspiration sim you can only have kids when they want kids.
- If you don't have a family sim you must try for baby every after every 3 woohoos

- You can only use food you've grown or caught, feel free to use what comes free in the fridge when you buy it but after that you can not restock it!
- No ordering food over the phone such as pizza or chinese.
- You can only gain simoleans by selling your paintings.
- You can not sell your produce at all, only stock them in your fridge.

- EVERY SIM IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD MUST HAVE A PORTRAIT PAINTED OF THEM. Either as teens if you intend to move them out or, if they are staying, as an adult. You can not sell these paintings and they will become a family gallery.
- You must build a family gallery, big or little as you like but it must contain a picture of every sim on your family tree.

- The only electrical items you are allowed are phone x1, burglar alarm x1 and fire alarm x1 and lighting. If you have CC that looks like it doesn't run on electricity; say a crank car or steam powered radio, you are allowed that! You are a creative and free spirit, don't rot your mind with things like television and video games!
- Sprinkler system is only available if you have 17+ crops and only at the 2nd generation.

- Seasons go in the order of winter, spring, summer, fall.
- No hacks/cheats except move objects for decorative reasons.
- Aspiration awards allowed.
- The only non-human species allowed for this challenge is plantsims after the third generation and aliens at any generation.
- You are allowed only 1 move to a different lot.
- You can only reload your game if you start with 1 sim and they die without producing an heir.

- All sims die.
- Tenth Generation becomes a teen.
- You forget a family portrait
- Have no money and no way to earn money i.e you sell the only easel.

- Rolls a 6 sided die/ generate random number between 1 and 6.
- If even roll for the first list of star signs.
- If odd roll for the second list of star signs.

1. Taurus
2. Cancer
3. Virgo
4. Scorpio
5. Capricorn
6. Pisces

1. Aries
2. Gemini
3. Leo
4. Libra
5. Sagitarius
6. Aquarius

You may alter the distribution of points as long as it remains the same starsign as indicated.

1 point for every 2000 simoleons you finish up with
1 point for every painting not sold at the end
1 point per added cc paintings
2 points for every sim who died of natural causes
2 points for every child who got an A+
3 points for every toddler who leaned to walk, talk and use the potty before becoming a child
3 points for every child who maxed out creativity before teenagerdom
3 points for every sim with a gold talent badge in gardening
4 points for any teen with maxed aspirations
4 points for every portrait of a sim in your family who moved out
5 points per set of twins.
5 points for every celebration where an actual party was held i.e baby shower, wedding, birthday
10 points for any skills maxed out besides creativity

-2 for every electronic item besides those described
-4 per extra adults, elders or teens on your lot besides the allowed number
-5 for using food you did not grow/catch
-5 for having a child taken away
-3 for every time the repo man shows up
-6 for any sim who ever took a job

I'm currently testing this challenge and am having a blast!

The modified challenge sounds awesome! It's like a farmer/poverty legacy challenge.
The only thing I would do is give more choices of what the family could do to make money other than paintings. How about writing novels? Or making pottery? Or arranging flowers?
Other than that, I'm trying it out now, as it sounds like a lot of fun!
Old 15th Feb 2016, 10:54 PM #854
Test Subject

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I think it would be more fun if teen sims had to get a job. You know if you're impoverished the kids have get jobs. I thinkI'll keep it the same for adults though.
Old 19th Feb 2016, 1:36 AM #855
Test Subject

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I am surprised this 10 year old challenge is still alive.

I just started it yesterday with a female Sim named Allison Smythe. I've already made the mistake of having let her get promoted twice (I didn't see in the rules that when the CAS Sim is promoted they must quit and, additionally, I saw later on that they did not need to quit they would just take the usual 1,000 point loss for each promotion like any other Sim so I don't know what is the correct way anymore). Either way, I've made sure to note both promotions for later on scoring.

She has 2 kids by a playable Sim in Belladonna Cove (Timothy Riley) and they are engaged, but I'm not letting them marry since she isn't allowed to move him in anyway. Her house is coming along (she barely made it through winter with a baby and barely enough money to make a shed to keep the crib in). While she does have a separate bedroom, bathroom, and nursery her eldest does sleep in the "living area" and they have no paint on most of the walls or flooring on the ground. Besides work she's been digging holes in her yard (and in her house during winter) to find treasure (so far the most expensive thing we've found are the secret location maps for the vacation worlds at 400 a pop).

I think she and her daughters will do fine as they go along in life. This challenge is definitely difficult though!
Old 14th Apr 2017, 7:15 PM #856
Sweet Mystre
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Yes, I'm late to the game but I did find my way here.

Anyway- I've been playing the Old Maid version. I'm on Week 6 and they finally have a stove. I've not let them dig and sell anything- just put the rocks around the lot and hang* up some maps for fun.
They have made more money now that the teens can fish- only selling the expensive ones, which they don't get often. 3 of the 4 teens are working, 1 did get a cc where they got a promotion.
So, she's got 6 kids (2 sets of twins) and 3 accidental promotions.

Just a few Pictures

Pretty much it's easy now, even without much money. Just waiting for the kids to grow up and start the next generation.
Old 6th Sep 2018, 3:35 PM #857

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bump please
Old 22nd Sep 2018, 6:25 PM #858
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I've done a "Food, Fire, Water, and Shelter" scenario. Lots of fun!

I let them start with 20000 Simoleons. After they buy their lot, and a "feed bag", I use cheats to reduce them to 500 Simoleons, and let it go from there.
Old 15th May 2019, 3:01 PM #859

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I played this a long, long time ago back when I only had the base game. I've just spent some weeks refamiliarizing myself with TS2, going through my CC, sorting through and updating mods (I don't generally use cheaty mods) so I could install AL (which I never had before). In the process I've been trying to decide whether to start completely over with my Sims or pick up where I left off. Somewhere along the way I started reading back through some of the various challenges. I read through this entire thread over the last couple of days and realized it would make a great starting point for a brand new 'hood! Start with nothing more in that neighborhood than this single Poverty family and one or two of the approved lots (I really like the rest stop lot for this idea). Plop them in the town then head off on basically a BaCC. As the Sims in this family are raised, the non-heirs (of which if I remember from the first time I did it ended up being quite a bunch of Sims) could go on to start other minor challenges, perhaps even a couple of longer ones in the same neighborhood. Ooh yes, my imagination has kind of run overtime with this.

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