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Old 9th Feb 2019, 2:58 PM Custom content related game issues, freezes with game running in the background #1
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Hi! i've spent 2 whole days trying to get this to work and doing everything i can think of to make it happen so im just going to ask for help at this point, since i've exhausted all my other resources.
my pc specs
What has been happening in my game is, i start up the game, it loads into the menu and i start a new game, and either it blinks to my deskstop pretty instantly, and then the whitescreen comes up and everythning is frozen and unplayable, -OR- it loads into the CAS, i can move the sim around and i press randomize, and then it blinks to desktop and freezes on the screen im at, but the game is still like RUNNING in the background?? like i can hear the noises when i click on things and stuff??? if that makes sense.
So on 2/8/2019 i downloaded some mods, that somehow conflicted with all my house item mods. (new furniture, wall paints, lights etc). So at first, i thought it might have been something in my house items folder that would be conflicting with the newer mods i downloaded, so i separated the folders into 12 parts. ( there was around 1k items in the house items folder) and literally 8 or the 12 folders all didnt work.
So at thiis point i was really confused, i took out all the mods that i downloaded on 2/8/2019, put ALL my 1k house item mods back into the game and it worked like it always had worked, ofc, so im like okay its probably some of the newer mods that are messing up, so i make a folder for one set of mods from someone, it contains around 80 pieces of clothing, i split it, test BOTH folders SEPARATELY and they BOTH SEPARATELY work with my game?? but as soon as i put them together in the mods folder my game doesnt work??? i am like beyond confused at this point, and im not 100% in the dos and dont of sims 4 modding, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
other information, um i have whicked whims, MCcommand center, and i have my mods folder kind of organized. I can include pictures if ts relevant. Thanks for taking the time to read and help !

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