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Old 14th Jan 2019, 12:14 AM Defaultwho do you look like the most? (it could be your mom, dad, grandparents but also your aunt('s) and uncle('s)) #1
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me for examble i'm almost the mini version from my dad but also from my aunt (from my dad's sister)

i have blonde hair and blue eyes from both of them (although i have light blue eyes, and they both has dark blue eyes)
i also has the skin from my dad, i have the nose from my grandfather (from my dad's side)
i have the dry skin from my dad too, i i get the length from my dad too (i'm a bit smaller then him though)

although i have the thick hair from my mom, and also the body (how i walk and butt) from my mom
i also has the mouth from my mom, but the front teeth from my grandmother (from my mom's side)

i don't think i have anything from my grandfather from my mom's side but i do look so much like my grandfather from my dad's side though (i looked once at the picture years ago and it's like looking to myself but then in a female version)

and now the inside: i'm stubborn like my dad and also his sister, i get easily mad (also from my dad) i could scream easily like my dad but also my mom sometimes (although she won't get mad that fast like me and my dad does)
i understand about computers more just like my dad, i don't want to forget anything (i check up all the rooms for check up) like my dad (my mom calls me a control freak sometimes )
i can't stand the heat just like my dad, i'm pretty shy from new people like my dad,

i'm impatient like my dad, i get easily stress out like my dad, i hide my problems just like my dad, i can't stand the fuss just like my dad,
i don't wanna speak to old friends or people i can't trust or got a fight with it (it could be old schoolmates, co-workers, family's etc)

i get so curious at some times like my dad, i'm good at ruzzle like him, i get the attitude from him (anger, get emotional that easily) i work at the reception just like my dad (helping people, checking the mails etc)
i'm a meat-eater just like my dad

i don't like animals just like my mom, i get the same humor like my mom, i love swimming like my mom, i don't go to attraction in a attraction park like my mom, i'm good at typing some stuff like my mom
i'm social to people just like my mom, i wake up easily from noises like my mom, i love unhealthy food like chocolate, fries and other food just like my mom, i like pop music just like my mom

i get easily scared like my aunt (from my dad's sister's side) i search on internet that might not be true like my aunt (from my dad's side)
i wanna learn other languages (well not all of the languages but you get what i mean) just like my aunt
but also from my grandfather (from my mom's side) i dislike cooking like my aunt's (from my dad's and mom's side) but also from my grandfather (from my mom's side) and from my grandmother (from my dad's side)

i wanna see other countries just like my aunt (from my dad's side) i always check out the social media like my aunt (from my dad's side) i jump to conclussions at some times just like my aunt (from my dad's side)
i can't let the past go just like my aunt (from my dad's side) and from my grandfather (from my mom's side) i'm very unsure about myself and everything else just like my aunt (from my dad's side)
i'm negative about like everything like my aunt's (from both my mom's and dad's side) and grandfather (from my mom's side)

well i think i said a lot who i looks like the most so it's your turn now who you lookss like the most from inside and outside
Old 14th Jan 2019, 12:24 AM #2
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People say I look like my mom, but except for both of us wearing glasses and looking somewhat younger than we really are, we're nothing alike.

I do have a cousin who on one toddler picture looked like he almost could have been my twin (we're 6 months apart in age, and we're double cousins), but we look very different now. He's almost the spitting image of one of my uncles...

Other than that I guess I have a little bit from each side of the family, but I don't think there's anyone I look very much alike. I've always jokingly thought that either my brother or I must have been adopted, because we're so different we don't even look like we're related to each other
Old 14th Jan 2019, 12:38 AM #3
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I resemble my paternal grandmother. Not just in looks, but my ability to get people talking about their life story, a few medical conditions and her taste in fashion.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Old 14th Jan 2019, 4:40 PM #4
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Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 573

my sister is kinda a mix from them both

eyes, length skin and thin hair she has them from dad (my sister actually have the eye color from the both of them a bit, she has the blue eyes from dad and grey eyes from mom)
nose, mouth, body (how she walks and her butts) she has them from mom

but from a reason we don't look anything alike, my sister and i also got different characters

she's also stubborn like me but in a different way though, we are both easily emotional on movies, she don't clean up her mess just like me and my dad
she gets curious sometimes, she also love the unhealty food, she's social to people, but i guess that's all we have in common

she's way different to me: she loves animals, she goes to almost every attraction parks she see, she's more positive then me, she don't understand computer that much,
she don't hide from her problems, she's pretty sure about her looks and everything else around her, she is critical, she knows what she's doing, she isn't so terrified at some stuff unlike me
she is so NOT a meat-eater, she don't look back from the past

there's still things i don't know from my sister though but as you can see we are way TOO different expect for a few things though
Old 14th Jan 2019, 6:11 PM #5

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I'm the opposite of my 2 brothers. I have the looks from my mom, but the character of my dad.

If you remember me, I'm awesome!
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Old 15th Jan 2019, 1:46 AM #6
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I look more like my father imo, but my mother and I share some characteristics. I have dad's eyes and facial structure, I think, as well as his giant forehead and receding hairline.

Mom & I
Dad & Brother (and tarantula Octavia)
Old 15th Jan 2019, 2:17 AM #7

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Me. I like meeeeeeeee.

"Towards the end of any culture, you have the second or third generation that steps into the culture, which is so far from the origination, it's the impression of what's real, but it's not the full definition of what's real. It's just cheesy." - Lyle Owerko
Old 15th Jan 2019, 12:20 PM #8
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Everybody likes to say that I look a lot like my grandma, like we have the same noses (I have a curved nose while both my parents have straight down noses) and my eyes are very similar too. Though of course, I do have a few characteristics from my parents.

- When one gets inspired by the other, the one inspires another - Anything is Possible

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Old 15th Jan 2019, 12:32 PM #9
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Honestly I don't know. My family treated me like shit so I really don't care that I somehow ended up looking nothing like anyone in my family.
Old 12th Feb 2019, 3:32 PM #10
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i know that i started the topic who i looks like the most but i could easily say who my little niece looks like the most

sure i looks a lot like my father, grandfather i never met, my aunt (my dad's sibling) i have an older cousin who looks just like her mom
my cousin has 1 child on her own (my little niece) who looks a lot like her mom, grandmother and her great-grandfather (also his great-uncle)

and i could easily say that she also looks so much like me, expect the eyes since she has brown eyes, my little niece is gonna be 7 in 2 days

i'm happy and terrified at the same time because we looks so much alike from the outside
it's like looking into the mirror when you were that age (i have that with my little niece)

inside is hard to say but she do sports i didn't do at her age
Old 12th Feb 2019, 5:45 PM #11
Mad Poster

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Mostly my dad; round forehead, balding, potato nose, ugly ears, fat. Also strong and coordinated. At least I have my gramma's bone structure, and limberness. Wish I could have gotten Dad's blue eyes and intelligence, and my mother's delicate body. Damn

Old 12th Feb 2019, 5:57 PM #12
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I've always been told I look just like my Dad (roman nose, thick lips, thick eyebrows), but there have been times when I've seen a photo of me and thought I looked like my maternal grandpa. Though, I saw a picture of my Great-grandmother at my age, and there's something about how she looks and forms a smile that is identical to me.

In terms of genetics, I have medium blue eyes (much like my Dad, but also my maternal grandparents) and ginger hair (like my Mum's Mum). I'd say I have the same kind of build as my Mum, and my Mum's long natural slightly-frizzy wavy hair and her feminine hands, but my Dad's big feet and pale skin. I got my terrible eyesight from my Dad's Mum (but luckily not as severe, but I do wear glasses all the time) and so did my Dad.

On the inside, I'm stubborn and shy just like my Mum, but I'm a really logical and creative thinker just like my Dad, and I'd say I share both of their interests and hobbies. I'm really care-free and laid back, and I'm not really sure who I get that from... I think my Dad to some extent, because he's a very calm collective thinker when in a crisis but also he was the one who would shout at us the most when we were young. My Mum always got stressed out easily, but she wouldn't really shout at us all that much or as loud/angry as my Dad. I don't think I ever saw her angry to be honest. So maybe I get a little bit from each of them.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Old 16th Feb 2019, 2:21 AM #13
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I've been told I don't really look like my parents. My parents have also said that I don't look like them 😂 but I know I'm not adopted. I study my parents face, I can't find any common ground, but my mother told me I look like her grandma... So my great grandmother. I think she just said that though because she loves her grandma a lot and misses her dearly.
Old 19th Feb 2019, 10:15 PM #14
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omg hahaha i looks a bit too much like my dad

i'm just glad but also surprised nobody said that my dad cheated on my mom with a stranger
i look a bit too much like my dad and his family, especially my aunt (my dad's sister)

there's just a few difference, finger, nails, the build, the way i walks, thick hair and the 2 forethose

but when it comes to accent we can't figure it out which acent i'm having
my dad has a rotterdam accent and my mom from maassluis (a city in the netherlands at the province south-holland, close to rotterdam)

however i think i have my own accent and i come from the hague (the capital of south holland and the 3th city where most people lives in the netherlands)
i have the hague accent at some times and the westlands accent at some other times (a town right under the hague)

but i also have a little flamish accent because the K is a bit friendly there unlike the dutch K, it's like speaking the Q (i also have them with the letter G at some times)
it's hard to explain though as a dutch human

my grandmother came from belgium (from my dad's side) so that might answer the question where this 2 friendly letters comes from (i never met my fathers mom because she dies before i was even born)

i'm just glad nobody told my dad he cheated on my mom with a stranger or something LMFAO

i already see this coming : mrs (with the last name) is this adult one even your child?
she looks nothing like you


i see this one coming one day
Old 25th Feb 2019, 10:22 AM #15
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mother's father

- Sent from my iHell
Old 27th Feb 2019, 5:10 AM #16
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With my glasses, I look like the woman I was named after, my maternal great-great-grandmother. Same build too - dumpy and boobily gifted. Gee, thanks, gramma. XD
I'm short, though, and that's from my maternal great-grandmother on her father's side. She was itty bitty and so am I. So yeah, I'm built like a globe. It sucks.

With my glasses off and making a goofy face, I look like my father. I most definitely have his personality, with a touch more sarcasm. Okay, a LOT more sarcasm. I get the art and music from mom's side. Dad can't carry a tune in a bucket if I placed it in said bucket and handed it to him. HA.

My son does not look at all like his father (Thank the Gods), but rather, is an identical copy of my dad's dad. It was painfully obvious at my grandfather's funeral a couple of years ago, where we had a picture of him at 7 and it looked like one of my son's school pictures. Had my great-aunt in tears, and now my son is one of her favorites.

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