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Mad Poster

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Got back into Jetman (from the Super Sentai series). The 15th series of the Super Sentai series, it was the last series turned down before Zyuranger (16th in series) was accepted to become Power Rangers. Actually, if you were to look at any accounts from people close to SABAN Brands, Haim Saban had spent a good portion of the 1980s trying to bring the Super Sentai series to America. Aside from Midnight Express' jazzed up English dub of Dynaman (8th in series) and Sacramento public television airing Goranger (the 1st in the long line), not to forget KIKU 13 in Hawaii airing of Battle Fever J (3rd of many)

They finally upgraded to two robots that can combine into one super robot (that's good) because the Vyram now have stronger monsters (that's bad) and 3 members survived Hell and back (that's good) but the Vyram will continue to fight back, even if their powers they originally used are no longer functioning... That's bad!

Yes, you may go now. If it sounds like rambling, it's been a long night.

May 26, 2019: Rewatching Sailor Moon from the beginning. Up to episode 44, explaining the distant past during the era of the Silver Millennium Kingdom and the fall of the Moon Kingdom in general. This is an important episode as 45 and 46 are the season finale.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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