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Old 12th Feb 2019, 10:12 PM DefaultYour favorite EA made lots? #1
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What are your favourite EA made lots? From any world or sims game?

Especially those that look good and/or the ones that fit the family or story. E.g. in Bridgeport there are some god-awful McMansions or whatever their ultra-modern/ trashy/ new money equivalent is called. You can definitely see 'gucci gang' types of sims live. These houses look awful but definitely fit the influencer type of personality.

I don't really play much in EA worlds nor I do not have any of the Store worlds so that's why am asking. I might try out the world that came with supernatural though.

(hint, I'd like seeing pictures of them too if not too much trouble)
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I like anything that is modern, I hate the whole old school, country style, houses and lots.

That in mind, love everything in Oasis Landing, love a lot of the residential in Island Paradise and Lucky Palms, hmm... in Bridgeport, I like that Fusion Lounge lot, it is very nice. Sunset Valley, Wolfe's Castle and the 3 apartments surrounded the pool are memorable.

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There's a really pretty house in Monte Vista that I enjoy. It's on the bend in the road, with a central courtyard and a lot of open space. Shame the map itself is so awkward because it's got a really good aesthetic.
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I love a lot of the homes in Monte Vista. That romantic Mediterranean aesthetic. I also love the creepy Victorian stylings of the homes in Midnight Hollow. Such an underrated world the latter one is!

Oddly, I love modern furniture and all those blocky offerings from IKEA, but I'm not fond of the architecture that much.

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EA lots are always never exceptional, even into TS4. It's like choosing between Mcdonald's and Burger King when talking about the best burger.

They can never fully take advantage of the expansion pack they're using (because the world's being built in parallel with the modelling of the items), and as such are always a combination of some EP content, patched-in content & base game stuff. And of course base game content is probably the worst for building houses, IMO.

On top of that, the colour choices are all usually a bit off, the layout strange, and houses are sparsely furnished to improve routing & to save on disk space.

But if I had to choose a 'best' series of lots, Lucky Palm's houses are decent, as are Oasis Landing's houses- mostly because their sparse modern designs work with what they've been given. Sims University's lots are also decent, because they've managed to utilize University's great build items, have decent proportions and a muted colour palette. Appaloosa Plains' houses are also decent, again due to the more muted color palette and low-slung ranch architecture that works well with the build tools (it's hard to build ornate stuff in TS3).
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Mmm, what tasty drugs burgers.

"Towards the end of any culture, you have the second or third generation that steps into the culture, which is so far from the origination, it's the impression of what's real, but it's not the full definition of what's real. It's just cheesy." - Lyle Owerko
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As a builder I'm interested in what builders make and what rl houses look like, and what gamers want, far more than what EA do. Parts of it is the lack of praise for EA houses. The sites I frequent is more into mocking EA houses, so why should I care.

In ts3 I make my own worlds as well, so my knowledge of EA worlds is in general limited.

I must agree though that I love Italy, so MonteVista is my fav world, but what the houses look like on the inside I don't know.
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Not necessarily a the sims 3 house, but this one from Ghost Master I have always wanted to build in the Sims game:
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Even though I prefer industrial style, I really do like the houses in the University town. Compared to the other neighborhoods, I find them much better looking in style, build and cohesion. If I ever need houses for some other town I'm playing, I usually go and copy several houses from UNI. All they need is a little fixing up inside to make them family homes, instead of student homes.

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Originally Posted by MeowMixPls
What are your favourite EA made lots?

I'm going to skip posting a ton of pictures. I'm sorry if this is telling you something you already know but when you are in the map view editing a world or selecting a lot to play in, if you click on the lot there will be a magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the picture of the lot. It's a dark blue so it's hard to see on some lots. That will let you preview a lot before you buy it (or look at a NPC house without having to select the family).

Moonlight Falls (the world from Supernatural) is really hit or miss in my opinion. There are some overly elaborate Victorian houses (only one empty at the start- the rest have NPC families in them). That includes a house that is purposely made as an eyesore mix of colors (the Ivy family). There's a part of town that is nothing but trailers on 20 x 20 lots that are decorated like the worst of the 1970s. The Van Ghould house is a mess of routing areas.

On the good side, there is a starter house (Affordable Elegance at 327 Knott Street) with two good sized bedrooms. You can easily get a family of four in it and the master bedroom is big enough to fit a crib. Like most EA starters, the color scheme is bad (turquoise and yellow with distressed white wood) but that easy to fix with a little time. It's also in the middle of the map so it's quicker to get places than some of the lots on the edge of town.

There's another two bedroom (Desirable Classic at 414 Huckleberry Lane) that's definitely not a starter (I forgot to check the price- I know it's over 50,000 furnished though). Again, the two bedrooms are good sized with either of them being big enough for two single beds and a crib. The color scheme is mostly softer, desaturated colors and darker woods. The only real problem I have with it is that the tv and the couch are too close to the fireplace in the living room (although the fireplaces might start off with fireproof upgrades, I honestly don't remember).

The main problem I have with EA houses is that I tend to play my families with the standard starting funds which really limits which houses I've used.

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