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Old 23rd Sep 2018, 1:22 PM DefaultBerry Potter and The Horcrux Rainbowcy #1
Ivy Copur
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Berry Potter and The Horcrux Rainbowcy

Notes: I was torn between a Harry Potter or Rainbow Legacy. Here is the result.


Roll the pacifier! If you roll the same number, roll it again!

Use a randomizer for House alignment. The Heirs’ clothing will be based off that House.

The Heir must inherit the generation’s color. Mulligans are allowed.

The Founder needs to be a witch or warlock. Cheats for this are allowed.

Any child can be a witch or warlock but The Heir must be.

Only use Cheats to fix glitches or minor kerfuffles. Any rewards are allowed.

Ever since you can remember, magic was a taboo subject in SimState. Not wanting to live in hiding anymore you reveal yourself. You are welcomed with open arms. That is until news spreads of Dark Lords wreaking havoc over the world. Your neighbors turn on you, brass in hand, prepared to bind you. Thinking you have no choice, you use an unforgivable spell. Your soul rips from you. For a moment a rainbow appears before everything fades to white…

No one can stop you now.

Generation One: Albus Dumbledore (White)
The soul splitting should have left you empty. Yet hope for the future fills the void. You defy all odds by becoming a teacher and starting a family.

Be a Nice Sim.
Aspiration: Knowledge/Family
Turn Ons/Off: Grey Hair + Hats/Jewelry
Have a crush on your friend.
Marry your spouse.
Have three children.
The Heir must be Red.
Reach the top of the Education career.

Generation Two: Rubeus Hagrid (Red)
Your house was filled love. However outside of the home you were ostracized for being different. This led to you being a homebody. You embrace protecting children, animals and plants. The innocents in life.

Be a Lazy Sim
Aspiration: Family
Turn Ons/Off: Beards + Plantsimism/Fitness
Befriend children.
Have a child with a single parent.
The Heir must be Ginger.
Obtain a pet.
Get a Gold Talent Badge in Gardening.

Generation Three: Ginger Witch
Living on an isolated farm was a muggle drag. Resentful, you fell in with a bad crowd. Wasn’t long until you knocked over convenience stores. Will you upgrade to heists next?

Be a Grouchy Sim.
Aspiration: Fortune/Pleasure
Turn Ons/Off: Red Hair + Charismatic/Hard Worker
Have an enemy.
Date a Criminal.
Prank your neighbors.
The Heir must be Gold.
Become a Criminal Mastermind.

Generation Four: Anthony Goldstein
With Magic-users still being mistreated you understand your parent turning to a life of crime. This will not be your path. You realize you need to make yourself strong in order to win the war.

Be an Active Sim
Aspiration: Knowledge
Turn Ons/Off: Fitness + Logical/Unemployed
Befriend Coworkers
Have one child.
The Heir must be Green.
Gain Science enthusiasm.
Reach top of the Military career.

Generation Five: Daphne Greengrass
You did not care for living in the military. There are better ways to get at those muggles. Through agility and cunning you will make your mark on SimState. They won’t know what hit them.

Be a Serious Sim.
Aspiration: Fortune/Knowledge
Turn Ons/Off: Witchiness + Hard Worker/Mechanical
Have four friends.
Have two children.
The Heir must be Lavender.
Max out Charisma skill.
Reach top of Dance career.

Generation Six: Lavender Brown
Just because someone doesn’t practice magic doesn’t make them a bad person. You feel that if you pester enough people with kindness they’ll return the favor. Is there good out there or are you naive?

Be a Playful Sim.
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn Ons/Off: Lycanthropy + Cologne/Stink
Have at least one Best Friend.
Have one child.
The Heir must be Magenta.
Be bitten by a Werewolf.
Major in Medicine.

Generation Seven: Magenta Comstock
Your parents embraced the community and what did they get in return? A werewolf bite! You will be sticking close to home thank you very much. Be careful. You don’t know who’s close by.

Be a Shy Sim.
Aspiration: Knowledge/Grilled Cheese
Turn Ons/Off: Creative + Unemployed/Hard Worker
Never leave the lot.
Spy on your neighbors.
The Heir must be Violet.
Maximum Art enthusiasm.
Sell ten masterpieces.

Generation Eight: Violet Tillyman
All you knew was a cooped up life. It should have not been a surprise when your husband/wife did the same. You can’t take the monotony anymore. Who will be the one to finally sweep you off your feet?

Be a Neat Sim.
Aspiration: Romance
Turn Ons/Off: Good At Cleaning + Good At Cooking/Makeup
Get married twice.
Have seven kids with your second husband/wife.
The Heir must be Black.
Maximum Music enthusiasm.
Get a Gold Talent Badge In Sewing.

Generation Nine: Sirius Black
You couldn’t be less concerned with family drama. Instead you found solace with your friends. There’s a whole world out there to explore and you have the best people possible to travel with.

Be an Outgoing Sim.
Aspiration: Pleasure/Family
Turn Ons/Off: Swimwear + Mechanical/Vampirism
Own a black dog.
Have three Best Friends.
Have two children then adopt.
Maximum Tinkering enthusium.
Major in Drama.
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