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Old 25th Aug 2018, 4:09 PM DefaultMajors with 2 level requirements for the same skill #1
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I didn't know how to call this thread, so it may be a weird name. Let me clarify. I'm talking about majors that require the Sim learn two new levels of the same skill in the same semester (assuming they just reached the minimums for the previous semester). For example, a semester where a Sim would need to reach level 1 in Cleaning and level 2 in Body, starting at level 0 in both. Phae does this in several semesters in her Product Design Major and I would like to do too in the major I'm working on for this Creator Theme.

My particular major requires 2 Logic points and 1 Creativity point right at the first semester. I've been testing it and while the requirements show up correctly, the grade caps at 15 (in the Portuguese version, Uni grades go from 0 to 20 - 15 would be 3/4 of the performance bar), as if only two skill requirements have been met. Is there a way around this so the Sims can get a top grade?

I hope this is the right place to post.

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