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Old 15th Sep 2017, 2:10 AM DefaultHelp cleaning pre-owned house #1
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I made a house and had it up and ready to go, and as I was uploading it I saw that it can not be pre-owned, which it was. The reason for that is it's a haunted house and has ghosts on the property. I am still fairly new to modding, though I have picked up a few things from simpe, but cleaning a pre-owned lot is not one of them.
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I have an idea for you.
Change the lot zoning of your house to community.
Send a sim you know to it, and have him/her pick up all urns/graves.
Send that sim back home.

Now go back to edit that lot, change back to residential...
Ghosts should be gone..?

According to Mootilda , community lot would be safe.

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Old 24th Sep 2017, 11:59 AM #3
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I don't think changing it to a community lot now would help. The only reason community lots (that aren't owned businesses) are safe is that they are not saved when sims visit them. But, in this case, the lot has already been saved with the sims in it. I don't think there's anything that can be done from within the game to reset the lot to the "never occupied" state.

By the way, have I missed something? The Creator Guidelines state:

Never Occupied or Owned: Residential lots which have been lived in, or community lots which have been OfB owned businesses, cause corruption if they are installed into someone else's game.

I was under the impression that it was never verified this was the case. At most, previously occupied lots might cause corruption provided that the furniture hadn't been removed via the normal move-out process. (I don't think this was ever confirmed either, but there was suspicion).

I suppose that rule was added just to be on the safe side, but I think the phrasing is a bit off... Unless it's been since proved that corruption does occur and I've just missed that, of course.

I also have no idea what is meant by "cleaning the lot with simPE" (deleting the stray sim references left behind, perhaps? I haven't heard anything about that, either). It would be nice to have a link in the guideline itself explaining how to go about it.

This said, the ghosts are definitely a problem. Installing a house with sims in a hood (yes, even tombstones, which are, for all intents and purposes, still sims) will cause corruption. So your problem isn't that the house has been previously lived in, is that it is still occupied — by the ghosts.

The tombstones will have to go, and I don't know if that will mess up your idea for the lot very much (you could always download some decorative ones and use them instead, but if the whole point was having the ghosts... I'm afraid there is no way to do that without corruption sneaking in).

If you still want to go ahead with uploading the lot without the ghosts, my advice would be the following:
  • Move a sim in.
  • Have the sim put all the tombstones in his/her inventory.
  • Move the sim out, WITHOUT using the stay-things shrub or any other hack that makes the furniture stay.
  • Use Cyjon's lot inspector to make sure you have not missed anything (forgotten a tombstone, have off-world loiterers in the lot, etc). If it comes up as "lot safe to delete", it's fine.
  • You can now upload the lot, with the caveat that it was previously occupied. You can redecorate beforehand (as long as you don't move in a sim to do it).

I believe this method should be valid: if the problem with previously occupied lots is that objects keep sim references, getting rid of those objects should make it safe (although I suppose not quite as safe as a never-occupied lot). I think seasons' harvestable plants could also be problematic, so make sure there aren't any of these in the lot.

If I were you, I'd ask a mod for clarification on that particular guideline. There might be able to explain better the whole cleaning in SimPE thing, and/or find some fault in the method I explained above. I seem to remember @joandsarah77 knew a fair share about cleaning lots? (My apologies if I'm mistaken here).
Old 24th Sep 2017, 1:01 PM #4
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I did up a quick tutorial for another uplaoder and reposted it here: http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=599534 post #2. You may not upload a lot that has had a sim moved in unless you have cleaned it properly in SimPE and say in the description the lot has been occupied and cleaned.

Since this is an uploading question Creator Issues would have been appropriate as moderators only get alerted to posts or see that forum.

We believe it causes corruption. Removing the furniture use to be thought to help, it doesn't. There are much more than stray bits, you will find all kinds of sim data in a lot that has been previously occupied.

Urns or tomb stones count as an occupied house. You may not upload a lot with urns or graves since that is occupied. An occupied lot (live or dead sim and pets) will corrupt any persons hood who uses such a lot. Simply tell them to make their own ghosts. Not hard with Boolprop or many modded objects.

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