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Old 15th Apr 2017, 2:59 PM Help with Zecutines!!!!!!!!!!!! #1
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Im tying to make recolors Of the H &m zecutines set such as the the display table ,the Mannequins And the clothing rack but when i open Up SimPE I cant find The objects Anywhere to recolors anyone Know how to recolor The set Because its been a hastle trying to and i Know that you can because i see recolou rs on line but ic an find them anywhere?help pleasehttp://modthesims.info/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=114#http://modthesims.info/newthread.ph...ewthread&f=114#
Old 16th Apr 2017, 12:30 AM #2
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Do other H&M objects show up in your object workshop, or are they all missing?

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