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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
arwennnContemporary Modern 3br 2-1/2ba [base game no CC] (Residential)
ItrustinChristSion Neighborhood: With/Without CC (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
PoisonedFlowerPastel stripes and little houses Cozofa (Comfort)
LiliLiliLiliBubbles - Girl dresses with maxis textures (Mixed Sets)
yanina22House brouwhuis cc free (Residential)
Doctor Who_1987Periwinkle Frost Dress (Everyday)
salvador1512Wheatley (Invention Constructor) (Electronics)
FranzillaSimlish Fonts: Nooboo Franzi & Pixcellence (Miscellaneous)
Monster without nameRestaurant "Cory's Place" (No CC) (Community)
irahtHall Of Flames - Estate with a story (NO CC) (Residential)
govierModern Pad! (Residential)
SevorelleSemi-realistic Eye Color Replacements + Extra Colors (Eyes)
ThatRandomBritishPersonBlack Mohawk Recolour (Male)
Rain671Goatee Beard Blond and Red versions (UPDATED) now with crisp version and less shiny version for red version (Facial Hair)
MirantiaKaithlin Lyander (Other)
KaraStarsBand Shirts - Male (Everyday)
Icy_LavaMaxis Luxiare BG Wingback-Now in Three Fabulous Fabric Flavors! (Comfort)
zlatushka31 Rue de Finesse - a Parisian Apartment Building (no CC) (Apartments)
pugaless7Movie Hangout Stuff Sweater Recolor (Everyday)
AquaGamerTVApplause Clapboard with Rustic Riverstone (Walls and Floors)
jindannJindann Room Devider (Decorative)
pancake101Haunted Hideaway (Residential)
JMarcos123The Sims 2 - Pre-Release Logo Loading Screen Replacement (Config Mods)
WOLVERINE2Little cozy house - NO CC 1 bedroom 1 Bathroom (Residential)
TaraBleekAmbrosia Lips - Lipstick (Makeup)
emmyjuliaMagnolia - a sweet neighborhood (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
cmbaker18Sea Adventure Themed Children's Room (Bedroom)
HelrenGray UI - recolor (Overrides)
OutofIdeasMore Unique Adventures per Day (Overrides)
TonyTajiriAutonomous "Clean Up" Plate (Miscellaneous)
KeunJoong24Male Pregnancy Test (After patch 6_26) (Overrides)
Miker2209BaseGame BoxerShort Recolor (Sleepwear)
Dorcia823Vacation Cottage - No CC (Residential)

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Old 13th Jul 2016, 3:40 PM #2
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where are new creators for May?

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