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Old 7th Jan 2016, 9:44 PM #176
Test Subject

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"Photoshop is not a mod (let alone a Sims mod). It is software that you are suggesting we should be allowed to use AFTER the fact."

Photoshop is actually a modification program.

"2. Knowing how to use game cheats and mods is a skill that can be learned, like painting or quilting.
Would you claim that your Great-Aunt Mabel has an unfair advantage in a local quilting contest just because she's been quilting for 40 years?"

Yes, now you get it! it IS a skill that can be learned, Photoshop is too, and it doesn't take years to learn the basics either, just some YouTube tutorials, (which is how I learned how to use mods actually).

"p.s. You might have noticed the name of this site: MOD the Sims?[/QUOTE]"

Yes, I have, which is why I find it a bit odd you are so against Photoshop, because it is also a modification program. If this was the official Sims website asking for no Photoshop, that might make more sense because they'd rather not promote creators there, but here, it's about creators and modding the game.

Look here, you can be offended by what I say all you want, and I could keep going in circles, but I won't. Again, all I'm doing is pointing out a hypocrisy in this contest that is a fact. Continue on ignoring it in the future if you want, it's completely your choice.
Old 7th Jan 2016, 9:56 PM #177

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I'm glad my response helped you to finally realize that MTS members using mods
and game cheats are not taking "unfair advantage" in these contests, after all.

I hope someone here will be able to explain to you the difference between a game mod,
and a graphics editor. Because Photoshop is not a mod; it is a graphics editor.
It does not modify any game coding. It changes the appearance of an image.

You might try one of the help sections.
(You'll find them under the word 'Help' in the bar across the top of this page. Just click on that for a menu.)
Last edited by tsyokawe : 7th Jan 2016 at 11:02 PM. Reason: My response wasn't as helpful as I'd like.
Old 7th Jan 2016, 11:08 PM #178
Original Poster

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Welllllll...now that the contest is over, probably time to close this thread up.

Mymobilename, you might personally feel there is hypocrisy in the rules but none of the members who actually participated in the contest appeared to have any issues. Perhaps revisit the issue next year if the contest continues.

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