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Old 2nd Aug 2013, 10:49 AM #76
The other one

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Iíd hoped to get entries in for both this and Qís contest but apparently my time management skills are still lacking. >_< I had grand ideas for a Las Vegas style themed resort but I didnít get beyond the basic structure. (In my defence I was MIA for the first half of the month! Lol) I do however, have a little house that I built when the 1.55 patch came out that I intended to be a holiday home for those who didnít buy the EP so Iíd like to show that as a just for fun entry ...itís not exactly a resort but itís the best Iíve got atm Anyway...

The castaway cottage is perfect for sims whoíve just had enough of city life, enough bad tv, enough nagging bosses, enough gossipy neighbours, enough... anything and everything! This tranquil little haven has no tv, no internet, no cell service Ė not even a path to dry land so you can truly cut yourself off from the stress of everyday life for a week and indulge in the luxury of reading a good book without interruption or skinny dipping under the stars without prying eyes upon you. What could be more blissful?

I used CAST and edited the terrain but did not use CFE or fog emitters D: I tried to go back and edit once I realised this would fit the contest but couldnít think how to incorporate them.

CC Used:
Curtain height adjuster and OMSPs by Granthes
Stencil remover by VelocityGrass
Builder Stuff by Buzzler
Geometric patterns by Simsationaldesigns
EA store content

Additional credits:
Thanks to sciver from #create who came up with a better name for my entry in 5 seconds flat than I managed in several hours

PS I did use more than 5 types of plants but I didnít realise until I was editing pics just now that I didnít take any close up pics of them >_<

ETA: Piss! I typo'd on my ad >_< *"rough seas of life!" That's what I get for working on it past my bed time
Click image for larger version

Name:  2_exterior_left.jpg
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Name:  3_Front.jpg
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Name:  4_Plan_Lower.jpg
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Name:  5_Plan_Upper.jpg
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Name:  6_Livingrm_a.jpg
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Name:  7_Livingrm_c.jpg
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Name:  8_Kitchen_c.jpg
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Name:  9_Kitchen_a.jpg
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Name:  10_Kitchen_b.jpg
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Name:  11_Bed + Bath.jpg
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Name:  12_Night_hottub.jpg
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Name:  1_Castaway Cottage Ad.jpg
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Old 6th Aug 2013, 10:25 PM #77

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That's freakin' cute, Miss! You should upload it. (or... at least send me a copy )

"You're born naked, and everything else is drag."
Old 7th Aug 2013, 9:08 AM DefaultScoresies! #78
Original Poster

Veteran Finn

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First of all I want to thank everyone who took part on this contest!

While I only got a couple of entries, I'm not whining at all, made the judging a lot easier anyways

Speaking of which.... I have...


Here is the spreadsheet of the scores. You can see total scores, as well as individual judge's scores. The scores have also been categorized, so you can easily see when you got the most points and so on. And green, there just has to be green, cause I was too lazy to edit pics of bushes in.

One big link that you need to click to see the scores!

I have also asked judges to write little comments on each entry, so here they are:

And here is the WINNER!


Finally, I hope you guys had fun with this little contest! Who knows, maybe I'll make another one in the future, if I come up with some ideas.

Thanks once again for everyone!

Happy simming,

Old 7th Aug 2013, 9:13 AM #79
Original Poster

Veteran Finn

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Originally Posted by paksetti
That's freakin' cute, Miss! You should upload it.[...]
Totally agreed!

And thanks for posting your lot anyways, even if you didn't make it to the judging.
Old 7th Aug 2013, 9:50 AM #80
dodgy builder

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I knew that fountain would be to complicated for the judges. I'm a minimalist, if you can see what I'm doing it's not good enough.
Old 7th Aug 2013, 1:18 PM #81
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Congratulations to all that participated. Armiel thanks for hosting. So I want 12 Houses with plenty of Boobies and Bacon. ASP Hahahahaha It was really fun And a big congratulations to cutsocks for winning. Happy simming all
Old 7th Aug 2013, 6:25 PM #82
Field Researcher

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Thank you for hosting this competition, Armiel, I really enjoyed taking part as well as looking at the other beautiful entries - i would love to take my Sims families to Roadside Kitsch Stop as well as my real family

I will try better next time! I did expect to have the lowest score, and if I hadn't already posted when I saw the other entries, would not have had the nerve to post mine - I absolutely agree that it is amateurish and that some of the photos are too small. My homework is to make that better

I hope other people reading this who thought about taking part but decided they couldn't compete with Volvenom's, cutsocks' and Playinsafe's entries will try another time. This is the second Sims competition I've entered, and if I can do it, you can too!

Edited to say missroxor's lot was fantastic too!
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Old 7th Aug 2013, 8:30 PM #83
Annabel Lee
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missroxor- That is the sweetest little get-away!

I'll say it again, this was a really fun contest with really awesome lots!
Thank you for hosting and for the wonderful inspiration, armiel.
And thank you to the judges for your time and feedback.

I regret not having a card or PC that could keep up with my endeavor.
I do wish that I could have pulled some wizardry on my graphics for some really great pics of the lot. Soon... very soon.

Congratulations, cutsocks!
When I saw your lot, I said holy shiiiii* So very impressive!

ETA: Armi- I was so tickled to see you come out of retirement, even if it's just a tad. :D
Old 8th Aug 2013, 4:46 AM #84

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Woo! Yay! :D

This contest was lots of fun, so thank you very much Armi and the judges!

I really had very different plans when I started out, and only after the contest is over do i feel comfortable sharing, without putting the idea of what "could have been" in the minds of the judges. I have a way of trying to put my own creative spin on things, and I was hung up on the concept of the "ad" and the use of the fog emitter. The initial idea still involved the gilded age mansion, but it was to be in ruins (sorta like Lynnewood is or Whitemarsh was before it was demolished). My ad was actually going to be like a book cover. "Mystery of the Gilded Ruins" or something, like a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew book, with a blurb on the backside that said something about going to summer camp and exploring the nearby abandoned mansion. There was to be fog emitters galore, weird lights and bug and fog and everything. So I built the shell of the mansion normally, and worked out the layout of the rooms, BUT... my efforts to ruin the mansion with more CFE did not go well. I was really way too much for me, too complex, and I got frustrated very quickly, and was having no fun at all doing it. So it got the normal, non-ruined treatment (after i got back from family) and a letter as an invitation with included photos for an ad. And of course, the super lame sauna fog emitter. :/ The other "additional" lot was far more important with the ruins concept. Oh well.

Of course, my idea of a vacation is to look at buildings or art or just exploring. I could care less about relaxing, I do that enough everyday when I watch TV. :P

However, I thought the other entries were fantastic. I was pretty sure I wasn't gonna do well since I did not make a resort or hotel or camp or lodge or entertainment type lot. My skewed ideas usually barely fit within the general concepts for most contests I enter... :/ And when Armi pointed out the picture upload thingie, I kept praying that everyone would get all the pics done right... (I read over the rules about a hundred times while preparing my most, 'cause I'm paranoid like that, and didn't actually pay attention to the upload requirement until about the 60th time myself...)

Volvenom's Spanish Steps, I think, is my favorite. The fountain looks amazing. I love the pinks and purples, and the fact that it reminds me of Guell Park in Barcelona didn't hurt. (Was only slightly disappointed it was not THE Spanish Steps in Rome, but that's okay. :P )

The Roadside Kitsch Stop is so cute and so well CASTed and decorated. It should have won. Fit everything perfectly, 'cept the photos... Playinsafe will definitely learn to read/understand rules better from now on, I believe.

Villa Omorfi was also well done, including about everything a family could ask for in a vacation spot. I like the the touch of having a workshop/garage for "dads" or whomever to keep occupied. In terms of gameplay thinking, I don't think there's a reason for Sims to leave the lot!

Once again, thanks for the fun!

And I'll hit you up in chat eventually, Armi.

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