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Old 15th Jun 2009, 10:16 PM Defaultsuggestion for residential lot creators #1
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It would be very helpful if you included in the title of your post the number of bedroom and bathrooms in your house. Many of the titles don't give much information, and it can be frustrating to have to view every one to find a certain house size.

Thank you to those of you who already include this helpful information in the title.

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You can filter by number of bedrooms in the filtering options in the downloads view - as well as a lot of other stuff too, to find the kind of house you want.

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Do you know that you can filter for these things? When you're in the Lots+Housing section, the "Search and Filter" column on the left has lots of options like lot size, number of bedrooms, custom content, price etc .. just pick the ones you want and click "Filter Downloads".

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