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Old 12th Jun 2009, 3:02 AM DefaultRaised flat roof. HOW? #1
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The roof type I want to create looks like the stage tool is used on top of the building. This was the way I used to do roofs. I am going for this sort of look.

I can't do it. I've found tutorials but nothing specifically explains HOW to do this. I tried one tutorial for "dummy levels" which seemed to look like the right sort of thing, but the instructions didn't work for TS3.

The tutorial said to create foundation, put a beam on it, then with the "constrainfloor" cheat enabled, drag from the beam to the top of the house, which would make the walls the size of the foundation. Sounds just like what I want, but it does. not. work. no matter how hard I try. If I click with the leveling tool on the top of the beam and drag to the wall, it just goes straight through the wall like it's not there, it doesn't reach the top of the wall in order to alter it.

I know making these raised roofs are possible because I see them popping up on the MTS download sections all the time, but I am totally lost on how to do it, and I've been through all the roofing tutorials.

Can someone please direct me to the right place?
Old 12th Jun 2009, 3:40 AM #2
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Check out this tutorial on split level stairs .....


It applies to how you would need to build your top level that you want to use as a roof. By this I meen you would build your building tto the top level ..... add an extra level (outside walls only). Now beside the house out a couple of squares you need to lower a square 12 clicks ...... I recomend you use the stair teqnique ..... so you would need to go down 3 levels. Build your levels going up to match your house. Once you have the same levels inplace the small tower should be about 12 clicks lower than the main building.

Enable the cheat ...... constrainfloorelevation false and use the leveling tool, draging from the top of the tower to level out the top section of your house. This will shrink the top roof section to the hight of 4 clicks which was what the stage height used to be. To remover the cheat ....... use .... constrainfloorelevation true ...... you don't want to forget that.

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