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Old 10th Jun 2009, 4:07 PM Putting things together #1
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Test Subject

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I'm trying to put a garage attached to the house in Sims 3.
The thing is, the garage door will only appear properly in one wall. Not 2. So the whole -how to from sims 2 doesn't work.

Sims 3 is pretty good at keeping levels separate even with cheats enabled.
I tried to build up the land to the door, but if you put a tile near your raised land, it flattens the edge near it. If you manage to get the land near the doors floor, it pushes it up in an akward looking angle. If you try to level just that, the land near it goes back down.

If anyone has managed to get this done, can you post how?
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Old 10th Jun 2009, 4:28 PM #2
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Please take a look at the Sims 2 tutorials about split-level building Sims 3 works exactly the same in that respect. Also please search the Help forum, this has been asked about 50 times since the game was released.

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I don't know if there is off site linking allowed, but here is a video tutorial by flabaliki


Looking for a challenge? Do you like to build, or do you want to expand your abilities? Look no further than this thread! Join the "Groundwork" foundation challenge today!
But seriously, it will be fun. Join us.
Old 10th Jun 2009, 5:36 PM Thanks halfway #4
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Test Subject

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What a lovely warm welcome that was! If I haven't searched High and Low, I wouldn't have wrote the question. If I hadn't tried everything I could, I wouldn't have wrote the message. I wanted to write 2 days ago, but I thought I could figure it out on my own.

Your advice however was helpful. Thanks. It still has a wee bit of a glitch.
Each side has a wacky looking bend to it.

QBUILDERZ - I've seen that turtorial in my search, but the video let me see where I was going wrong. When I flattened, I didn't hit that top grid and it pushed the little wall right back to the bottom and put me right back to square one. A big thanks for the info as that was VERY helpful in letting me see where my mistake was.

Both answers were helpful. And plasticbox. If the question has been asked 50x and nobody can find it, what does that say about the search function of this forum? Everyone is stupid and can't use it right? I found a few others with the same issue in my search on google, but after 2 days of not finding an answer that worked for me, I needed to ask.

And yeah, the answer was there. It's just the explaination wasn't clear enough. Thanks to QBuilderZ video, I could see what was going wrong. I mean serious. If hitting that top little grid square is so important, why wasn't it mentioned? Had I not seen it work for him in the video and looked REAL close to see what he did different than me, I'd have taken ages to figure it out.

I took my wall out one from the foundation and it makes the front look better when I add my siding, but the sides *Left and Right* still have the wacky look. But it's much less noticable. I'm going to guess there is no way of getting around that.
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