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Old 23rd Nov 2007, 6:50 AM DefaultMy pain is there - a poem #1
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My pain is there

My pain is there
But you seem to ignore me
Your silent impatience
My fearful quiet
As words cease to enter
The silence surrounding
Our embrace is meaningless
No emotion
Perhaps the thought
Upon other thoughts
Is what repulses you
From my hollow shell
The tears fall down
My mind explodes
From constant humming
Of the sense of dread
The feel in my stomach
The sting in my soul
I can't sleep
My pillow eats me
Pulling me down
In to the state
Where I no longer care
Your silence doesn't hurt me
Tears still fall
My bruised heart still pumps
The inky blood around my
paper veins so thin
You can't harm me
I'm hurting hurt

My pain is there
In forms abstract
With echoing guilt
The sweat drops
Tears form
My hands all clammy
Knees shaking
Heart throbbing
In my head
There is silence
I hear nothing
But your lips form the words
My dead response
Your angry looks
Fear reverberating
Off the columns of grey
The prism of thought
In the cascade of my words
There is no end
To the pain of life
The lane of memory
And the sea of loss
My presence is small
Crowded by others
Weeping in sorrow
Alone and alone
You don't understand

My pain is there
But you don't see
Blind to my mind
Ignorant to my eyes
My love leaking
On the gravel floor
As blood leaves my head
We depart at last
My pain is there

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