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Old 9th Jul 2018, 9:52 AM Howdy, folks. Hope ya guessed my name. #1
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Because I sure can't remember it. I used to be a member a while back but I used a username other than my "main" one and have long since forgotten it. As a result, well... guess my old account's done with. No great loss, I wasn't exactly the most active user on the site.

So I guess now my name's Corona. My greatest claims to fame are being the unfortunate loser who first discovered the Lumiose Bug in Pokémon X&Y and avidly supporting Chrono Trigger fangames that always inevitably get shut down. My hobbies include doing art and doing nothing with a trend towards the latter, and my interests include friendly cats, baked goods, vintage steam engines and long walks off short piers. I've played all four Sims games, but right now I'm sticking with just TS1 because TS3 runs like crap and I'm too design-oriented to go back to CASt-less 3D Simming.

Anyway, things look like they've gotten a bit slower around here in recent times, but I'm glad to see we're still churning out the same creative content I've always known MTS for. The down-to-earth variety and quirky good nature you guys offer always was a breath of fresh air in an online sphere populated by EULA-breaking paysites, shiny 3D anime dolls and cantankerous dinosaurs with spam-flinging bodyguards.

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