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Old 6th Dec 2018, 10:00 PM DefaultHow can I check that my CAS part mesh bones is correctly assigned? #1
Kagamine Rin
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Now when I resumed one of my old projects I am stucked into a problem:
As I am doing a head - and feetless mesh (cloning the Grim Reaper mesh from TSRW and editing the Base Game Grimmy simpack in S3PE) It´s hard for me to see if I´m assigning the bones correctly.
My mesh is splitted into three parts: The top, bottom and head.
It´s the head that´s my main problem here.
The problem I have is mainly the mouth movements, and a probably a more fixable problem for the eyelids.
(The eyes won´t blink. But maybe I can´t fix it... )
It seems for the moment I can´t attach some files...
Thank you in advanced!

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