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One or two? Ahahahahaha

The transphobes came all out of the woodwork. It was great to have Sims wear whatever. Especially make up and hair.

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One was homophobic, other claimed to experience a bug issue that townies generated in transgender fashion even though the customizations options of its weren't touched.
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Originally Posted by Goldbear
Grant also said in the same stream in response to why there are no three legged pets was because it was depressing. He then went on to add that it was to do with animation restrictions, why not just say the latter?

That is really sad. I had a three-legged cat (rest in peace, my sweet one ) who moved so fast you never knew he was missing a leg. He was the most adventurous fellow, he adored heights and loved leaping off of tables and bookcases. Nothing ever slowed him down. Now I have a blind cat who zooms through the house so gracefully that you'd never even think she was blind until you looked at where her eyes should be (one was surgically removed). I have never found either of my beloved kits to be anything other than inspiring.

I understand why they don't put such things in TS4, but come on...
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Originally Posted by lil bag2
In defense of the gender update:

1. They made it very clear from the get go that you wouldn't see any transgendered sims in your game unless you made them yourself. It's not like they forced it on people.


2. It's helped me make some very...interesting looking sims

Honestly, removing the gender restrictions on clothes and hair styles was one of the best updates they've given us.

Oh I like it! I think it’s great and being able to use any item of clothing on sim is great but I remember the uproar on the official forums because EA had the audacity to implement it before toddlers.
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Originally Posted by thevogel
Paradox does have a Sims thread on their forum. I've contributed to it a few times as of late.


That discussion has been going on since March of 2015

By the way, the idea of ​​a competitor of The Sims is not only the wish of the fans. Will Wright wished that the competitor of The Sims appeared and was disappointed that it was not. It was in 2008.


The Sims is also interesting in that it’s a hugely successful game that’s lead to virtually no clones, and certainly none of note. While Doom, Command and Conquer and even Sim City birthed genres, the Sims continues its lonely vigil. Will Wright is also surprised so few have followed their lead. “I thought it’d take a couple of years and we’ll start to see some pretty viable competitors… but it’s been over four, and we’re seeing some not terribly good ones,” he notes, “Which kind of disappoints me, because I wish there were better competitors, because I think it would help grow the genre. Though I think people are underestimating it. The Sims appears such a simple game, but they don’t understand how complicated it is to make the AI model and to get the User Interface just right. We redesigned the UI eleven times from scratch. Total rebuilds.” So, presumably, he must have been pleased with the final results. “I didn’t think it could have got a whole lot better,” he eventually decides, “We were definitely on some maximum. To get any better it’d have to been something radically different. We were drawing on existing conventions – how an existing gamer would expect to do something, plus how someone who has NEVER played a game in their life would expect to interact with something.”

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