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Old 17th Mar 2016, 4:04 AM DefaultRoad doesn't look right #1
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I have a problem with how some unusual lots I made look in neighborhood view. Can anyone help me think of a way to fix it?

The problem is, I have a hood that's mostly ocean and has no roads. I wanted it to just have single beach lots completely surrounded by water, so I placed the lots in a different map and then change the map to an ocean one with HoodReplacer. The problem is that where the road is on the lot looks like beach terrain in hood view. I need it to look like the map's dirt terrain or look like a road.

I tried removing the street and adding flooring or terrain paint, using the lot adjuster option to change the lot's base terrain paint, and putting rugs over the street. Nothing seems to work.

Here is a pic
Old 28th Mar 2016, 11:06 AM #2

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I think you can't do anything on the building side of things, it's probably indicating that something should be there.
Could you cover it up with neighbourhood deco? Criquette has a lot of road pieces. Maybe you could design a recolour to match?
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Use Mootilda's LotAdjustor to remove the roads from the lots completely.

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