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Old 18th Oct 2005, 1:23 AM DefaultRecolour Templates for BUILD stuff #1
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Targa's "Ascension V2" elevator

for easy re-colouring

open, right click and save as.

EDIT by Numenor:

The template applies only to the "Ascension V2" by Targa (the old "Ascension V1" uses another template).
Click image for larger version

Name:  targeteleport.png
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Old 27th Dec 2007, 4:16 AM #2
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Okay so if you want to maybe recolor the Uni doors and windows, it can be a pain. There are several options, each with a different end result. so here are some notes, perhaps paste to notepad or somethin'...

These maps are for:

* The Gone Legit by Family Furnishings single door

* Independent Expressions Big Shop Entrance double door

* Independent Expressions Big Shop Entrance window

** if you recolor the double door, it will also automatically give you a matching frame for the window, but will
not update the glass from the window.

** the single door is called "Gone Legit by the family furnishings" it gives no additional options
for the window.

** remember in the top window of the doors, if working with the single door, the graphic will show
up half the length of the double door top glass, everything else is the same size.

** the Independent Expressions Big Shop pain in the butt Entrance window has 4 glass options:

* the first option is two panel barred (one top panel and one main door panel) both the top and main frame will change.
An additional matching frame option will be added for double door, but single door will not have any additional options.
I recommend this option to recolor.

* the second option is three panel barred (one top panel and two main door panel)
This is a trippy one. It does not change the window at all, however, it changes the Big Shop
Entrance double door as if you had recolored it instead, I recommend not hassling with the
second option.

* the third option is three panel non barred (plain glass) the third option also does not alter the window at all,
but does the same as option two with the big shop entrance door

* the fourth option is two panel non barred (plain glass) fourth option changes the main panel of the window but the top
panel is not altered. The double door wood frame will add an option that matches option 4 window, but the single door
is not changed.

** these were tested with the pre-released version of Wizards of SimPE BV version, but they haven't changed from other
versions of Wizards.**

** I noted that the new BV doors reflect much better on the inside *AND* outside versus only one side
from Uni. So thats a kewl addition. Big thanks to Quaxi and team for that!

** A note on the Uni Big Entrance Windows; What I usually do, is go with the first option, but before that, I have a copy of
option 4 already available, and when I open option one in my editing program, I delete the texture with the bars, open option
4 in editing program copy & paste onto option one. A pain, but with option one, remember both the top and main panel
will show.
Click image for larger version

Name:  01 big entrance window  2 panel barred first option.jpg
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Name:  02 2 panel barred second window option.jpg
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Name:  03 big entrance window  3 panel third option.jpg
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Name:  04 big entrance window  2 panel fourth option.jpg
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Name:  05 double door uni unidoor2.jpg
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Name:  06 single door 2.jpg
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