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Old 20th Feb 2019, 1:05 AM DefaultWhich files can you delete #1
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After you go to >Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3/ which files can you delete? I also read that you can delete the stuff in the downloads file because it will still be in the game is this true? someone said it would help your game run faster it has taken me a long time to get everything i wish for in that file so i do not want to mess up. I would just like my game to run smoothly. Thank you
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1. After you have installed sims3packs in your game, which you put in your downloads folder and let the launcher install, you can delete the .sims3pack files. (but back them up because you want to keep them in general, no?)
2. You can delete any files which have the word cache in them after you play your game and exit.

I would start there. baby steps.
In general, you can delete any files in the following folders - it will not hurt your game, but they will be gone permanently so make a backup: collections, custom music, dcbackup (EXCEPT CC MERGED- DO NOT DELETE), featured items, installed worlds, saved sims, library, saved outfits, and mods folder. If you are unsure of what you are doing, then, no touchy.

If your game lags a lot, you may have too much in there for what your computer can handle. Also, Isla Paradiso lags a lot, so please check the following tutorials to make it run smoother for you:

Ellecharmed has world fixes (like Isla Paradiso, for example) hosted here on mts as well, but read carefully before you use.

As an edit: In case there is some confusion, I only mention cache files, but it is correct that you should not touch the DCCACHE FOLDER.
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Clearing already installed content out of Downloads helps the Launcher run better, not the game itself. Although if you use the Launcher to start the game, then having an uncluttered one will take less in the way of resources to get things going at startup.

Sorry to be a pest, but I'm not sure that telling players to delete some of the things listed without explaining what is going to happen is the best advice even when tempered with some well-meant warnings. I mean, they would need to know that deleting files from InstalledWorlds would only make sense if they have no ongoing games taking place in those worlds and never expect to use them again. Deleting files from the Library folder will empty out their Household and Lot Bins in Edit Town, removing SavedSims will of course remove those saved sim templates from CAS, not everyone will want to part with their Custom Music and Collections if they had spent any time building them up.

I think the OP was probably looking more for a list of files like the five top level cache files, thumbnails, featured items as mentioned, extraneous contents in Downloads relating to stuff already installed, etc. rather than the more usable game elements. And, in case clarification is needed because I've seen others make this mistake, the DCCache Folder is not a cache file even though it kind of has the word "cache" in the folder name. It is your actually installed sims3pack content, both CC and that from the store.

It might be better to gain an understanding of what each of these files/folders is for before clearing at least some of them out.
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thanks everyone this will help a lot

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