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Old 12th Feb 2019, 4:54 PM DefaultNRAAS MC help: how to make a sim homeless #1
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I know how to move in a homeless sim via NRAAS MasterController, but now I want to do the exact opposite: I want to make some of my active sims homeless since I don't play them actively and I don't want them occupying houses but I want to keep them as bartenders, shopkeepers etc. I know how to "set role" to sims, like maids, repairmen etc. but I couldn't figure out how to make them homeless, so they can occupy homeless roles like bartending? Thanks in advance.
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If you use MC to add sims to the Service Pool (the command is Set Service), they will instantly become homeless. Service Sims can never be residents. That doesn't mean you will ever see these sims again, though. The service pool is not as controllable as a "household" as other elements of the game or classes of sims are.

In case there is any confusion here, Service and Role Sims are not the same thing. Service Sims are those called or summoned to your sims' home (usually) to perform their function and must always be homeless. Role Sims staff role giving objects in town like bars, cash registers, bouncer ropes, stylist stations. Role Sims can either be residents or homeless. If we are really or at least somewhat talking about Role Sims with an active object assignment, it should be sufficient to evict them the EA way to make them homeless rather than use a mod command.

In order to add a sim to or remove a sim from a role giving object, NRaas Register is required.

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