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Old 12th Feb 2019, 6:39 PM DefaultThe New Alien World #1
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It's a beautiful day on Xenopac but for you and others, it is your last. Your Queen has died under suspicious circumstances and her advisor has been made the new Brood mother. As a pure blood, the direct descendent of The First Two you were meant to be ruler of the hive. Now, you and those loyal to you have to flee the new queen's cleansing. An old abandoned lunar base seems to be the only place you might be safe. Who would think to look on a moon that has long deadly winters and even harsher boiling summer? It is now up to you to establish a new hive and begin again.

The New Homeland:
Choose a world as alien as you can find. Lunar Lakes might be the best as it already has houses for your hive. Delete all rabbit holes (save them so you can place them later). Turn winter and summer up to max and make spring and autumn just a few days (no more then 7). Use the nraas master controller mod's total annihilation to remove all townies (if you don't have an empty world). Turn off all pets, super natural, celebs and horses. Place the biggest lot that will fit your world. This lot will be your Temple (and graveyard).

The Nest:
There is no atmosphere yet so look for the pavilion (the round dome you see Bridgeport) and put that over your lot first. No sims can leave the lot until the science facility is constructed. Male and Female aliens cannot mix so I would advise building your own house that has a communal kitchen and separate areas that can be gender themed. You will have more than one mate in your life time so make sure there are enough bedrooms, a nursery and children's playroom. Add a room for the robots. They will be your servants. Your house has to look alien. There should be a main bedroom where your founder will mate. As male and female cannot mix, make sure this bedroom is in the middle of your house same as the kitchen area. Your founder and mating rooms should be elaborately decorated. The children must share a room and should be gender themed as they won't be mixing anyway. Your many kings or queens should have very dull rooms. Hobby rooms are essential for mates.
Alternatively, I would suggest keeping your mates on a separate lot so you can keep going with the breeding side and have space for the potential heirs before the tests. Add your mating room to The Temple lot and that is the only place allowed for you to mate then.

Your Population:
You will need 5 males and 5 females (or more if you like). They have to look alien(no human skin colours). Put them in separate houses. You will also need to make one Holy One (man or woman) that must be invited to all your rituals. When your Holy One passes on, a new one must follow. You cannot stop townies population your world but you can use nraas to turn them into aliens. See these as more refugees from Xenopac. You can add pets but they must look alien (weirder the better).

Creating Your Founder:
As alien as possible. Y/A. Females should have genius, nurturing and family-oriented traits. Males must have genius, handy and gatherer traits.
If you want some interesting kids, make the founder and his/her mate complimentary colours. You can make more than one mate now or take them from your population later.

Celebrations and other rituals:
You have not abandoned the faith of your home world. You must construct a temple. There should be space for graves, a wedding, a throne room for when a new brood mother (or father) is crowned, instruments, buffet table and bonfire. Make an offering room where offerings to the gods can be left. If you decide to keep your mates on a separate lot then add the mating room to this lot.
Funerals - Everyone must be present. The funeral starts at sunset, all sims must stay awake until sunrise. If sims fall asleep, you anger the gods and bring bad luck. At sunrise, place the grave and feast. Priestess must speech. Can only take place on Sundays.
Birthdays - Play instruments, dance around the fire and feast. Celebrations start at noon until sunset.
Crowning - Once you've chosen a new heir, he/she must get married. Celebration must start at noon until feast is over. Everyone must be present. Make offerings to the gods (food, seeds, flowers ect.) Play instruments, feast, dance and the priestess makes a speech.
Weddings - Can only take place on Fridays. Feast, dance around the fire, play instruments and gift for the couple. (take a horse and make it look alien) Noon until sunset.
Mating - Founder, his/her mate and the priestess will be present from sunset till sunrise. There will be eating and offerings to the gods to bless this event and then...well, you get the idea. You can only mate after eating and offering and the priestess is present.

Game Play:
• Keep your founder adult for at least 3 generations. Only then can an heir be announced.
• Children can only leave the lot for school or birthdays. You are afraid they might be killed by hunters from Xenopac.
• Teens can go to boarding school if they are going to be heirs or must be married and moved out.
• You should keep at least 4 sim that you might want as heirs. When ready to crown your new brood mother (or father) they must survive The Test. Winning a chest match, winning a sparing contest and painting a masterpiece. With each trail, one sims must die after losing.
• Buildings can only be constructed when certain skills are 7 or higher.
Logic - Hospital
Inventing or Science - Science Facility
Cooking - Diner
Gardening - Grocery store
Charisma - Town Hall
Handy - Police & Fire Station
Painting - School
Any musical skill - Theatre
Mixology or Nectar skill - Bar
Athletic - Military Base and Stadium
• There is no atmosphere until the Science facility is up so no sims can leave the lot until then. You can earn points to keep for the ceremonies. 100 points gives you one ceremony.
Bundels of Joy- A baby is born -25 points
Betrothed - Two sims got engaged - 50 points
• There is no electrify until the science facility is up so no electronics until then. You can only have a bar fridge and drink juice. You can send your robots to hunt or fish on your new planet (hide the grocery store and buy nothing except what is allowed until your gardening skill is high)
Small pray like snakes, rats and so on gets you one hot dog meal
Raccoons- 2 hamburger meals
Dear- 4
Horses - 6
Use nraas to kill (delete) them.
• If sims fall asleep during a funeral, the gods are angered and there is a food shortage. Delete all plants and food in inventory.
• Founders cannot work, you have a hive to build. Make money by sending mates to garden, collect, paint or sculpt. Befriend one of the alien creatures and send them out to find you things to sell. Don't use any money cheats after you build your nest. It won't be as fun.
• Buy all your sims the simmunity perk. Aliens can't get sick remember. If a sim gets sick, you must assume it is a deadly virus awaken by your hive. That sims must die before sunrise.
• To make things fun, make your Priestess a witch or geni and only offspring that are also witches/genies can become the next Priest/ess. Other than that, no other super naturals are allowed.
• No mating with humans. By generation 4 you can start befriending humans and try to get them to help you take back Xenopac. You must also befriend one of Xenopac's soldiers (the real aliens in the sims 3) so you can get a ship.

Goal: You need to have a thriving town by generation 5. All buildings that you find in a normal town should be present. You lose the game if your founder dies before a heir is announced or the social worker comes. You can only announce an heir when you have produced 50 offspring.

This challenge is a tweak on
The Hive Rises by kiri1109
The Tribe Survival Challenge by DJKanine9
Both great challenges and so much fun to play.
Feel free to add your ideas. I'll check in from time to time and add them to the main challenge. If you share your aliens on Facebook, let me know what group so I can check it out.
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