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Old 30th Jan 2019, 11:21 PM DefaultNeed to remove a Buckhorn bush that was placed over a lot in Edit Town mode, WITHOUT moving the lot to another area and then putting it back #1
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It has been a while since I made the decision to delete all the Huckleberry Bushes in Moonlight Falls and replace them all with Buckborn Bushes and Buckhorn Trees, but I placed one over the Stone Troll Fishing Hole, and now I can't remove it. Because whenever I try to move it, it thinks that I'm trying to select the lot which I'm not. The only easy way to fix this problem is moving the Stone Troll Fishing Hole to another area of the town, and then putting it back which will automatically get rid of the Buckhorn Tree. But I can't afford to do it that way, because the rocks placed in Edit Town that are right next to the lot are perfectly aligned. And I can't afford to shift or delete the rocks.
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I had this problem with a tree once. It was placed in the world map on edit town and a lot was placed on top of it. You can't grab it and it keeps grabbing the lot.

It might be harder for you b/c it is a bush, but what you need to do is zoom in close enough and then rotate the view until it is horizontal, so the bush is viewed with some part of the "sky" behind it. Then you can grab it by grabbing the part of the bush next to the sky.

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I've already tried it before. And I'm trying it again now. But it is proving impossible because the Stone Troll Fishing Hole is surrounded by hills. There's no way I can get any of the bush next to the sky.

EDIT: Oh wait, I tried another method that worked. I zoomed out as far as I could go so that most of the objects on the lot didn't show when zoomed out. And I was surprisingly able to grab the Buckhorn tree and delete it.

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