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Old 29th Jan 2019, 1:49 AM DefaultCustom Window partially disappears at certain angles? #1
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Hello again.

I have managed to get a modified Window mesh to work in Sims 3 via the TSRW program, but I have run into another issue, this time in-game. The window appears fine only from an angle looking downwards from high up, but when I rotate the camera to face upwards even a little, any lower than in the screenshot I attached, the frame portion of the window seems to disappear (and re-appear soon as I return the camera to a high angle)... At first I thought it could have been an LOD issue, but I honestly doubt it because it does this no matter what distance I am viewing the window, and only changing by the camera angle. It seems to behave the same on either side of the window (Interior vs. Exterior, which are the same shape just duplicated+mirrored+normal-fixed in Blender). But seeing as it appears just the same on both sides, that leads me to believe it could be related to the mesh's Normals? But how can it look fine at one angle and messed up in another angle? That is what I don't understand. It looked fine in the TSRW preview as well.

This picture shows the difference when changing the angle just slightly at this height. Also it is two of the 1x1 custom windows put next to each other.

Actually, I think the part of the mesh that is disappearing is the front side of the window, while the visible part is the other side of the window... maybe it's as if the normals are somehow being flipped only when lowering the camera angle?
I cloned this window from the "Frat" window from the University Life expansion pack, if that makes any difference.
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