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Old 15th Jan 2019, 6:48 PM DefaultEnder's Game Challenge #1
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Similar to Ender's game but with a goal to get released from the battle school, reunite with partner and build a house
Start with one player character and a boyfriend or girlfriend (both teens). The player character is split into a new battle school household with other teen students as well as one adult warden.
Use cheats to set the player character's relationship with warden deep in the negative.

Create a battle school lot (I did mine in the desert so it at least looks like it's on a deserted planet instead of space). The lot must have a bunk room for the seven teen students, bathrooms, a cafeteria room(with fridge only), a big gym, and a library as well as the following rooms which should all be easily lockable. A room with chess tables, a room with video gaming set-ups, a room with handiness tables, a kitchen, and an area with a rocket kit, observatory, and microscope. Your sim will need to unlock these rooms to complete the nerd brain aspiration and be released from battle school.

While in Battle school: Lights out - no lights and all students must stay in sleeping quarters from 10pm to 8 am
Player character can not perform romance actions
can not edit lot
can not edit outfits (you should start everyone on some kind of uniform at the beginning of the game)
can not invite over outside sims
Player character can not leave the lot unattended

These are the steps to unlock to complete the challenge! (don't have to be in this order)

unlock travel with warden - get warden relationship into green
unlock room 1 (chess tables) - get one skill to lvl 3
unlock room (video gaming) - become friends with 3 other students
unlock room 2 (crafting table) - get fitness skill to lvl 5
unlock room (kitchen) - become good friends with 3 other students
unlock room 3 (rocket area) - get video gaming skill to lvl 5
release from battle school - Complete nerd brain aspiration
get career - save up $5,000
get partner to move in - go on one gold date with partner
build 1 room house - Age up to young adult
build 2 room house - reach 3rd stage of a career
build 3 room house - finish a collection
build 4+ room house - throw one gold party
get pet - reach lvl 5 of a nature skill (fishing or gardening)

I played this with auto aging turned off, but it's up to you!

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