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Old 22nd Oct 2018, 4:47 PM Defaultone object has two different UV #1
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I'm not good at English. The sentences may be slightly strange.

Is it possible to set two UVs with TSRW in Sims 3?
It seems to be possible in Sims 2 and Sims 4

For example, is it possible to introduce Group 0 UV and Group 1 UV texture separately?
The object CC of Sims 3 that I know has had to put UVs of all meshes in one texture, but is it possible to set UV texture for each of two different groups?
Old 27th Oct 2018, 8:01 PM #2
Puffin McMuffin

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Technically yes you can Basically what I used to do was Making sure NOT to duplicate the Shadow mesh, but here's the process of it:

- Click on the mesh tab, now you should see Group 1, group 2, etc.
- Click on a regular mesh (So again, not the shadow mesh), and right click on the Title that says 'Group 1' or a group. (so not default material, mesh or visible)
- Then, Click on duplicate

Now you might think, why are we going to adjust the shader? The shaders seem to have some info regarding using entirely different textures. If we don't do it this way, it will just use the same data from the group you duplicated it from. Therefore we kind of want to 'refresh it' or 're-add it':

- Click on the 'Default materials' tab (Make sure you're selecting the group you just duplicated). Then, delete the DiffuseMap.

- Select the blue text saying "+add" (ignore the diffuse map that's shown in the picture :P)

- In the new popup we want to select "DiffuseMap"

- Click 'Reskey' as the type and set the num values to '4'

- Click ok and after that just 'yes' on the new popup. The third popup I'd recommend clicking 'no' though.

Import your second group and there you go!

I pretty much got this from a tutorial I wrote, it's a bit more in depth and it's also for adding animated textures but here's the link if you're curious: http://greenplumbboblover.tumblr.co...nted-to-ask-you
Old 4th Nov 2018, 3:29 PM #3
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Thank you so much
I am trying them.

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