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Old 15th Feb 2018, 12:03 PM DefaultHow would one go and make custom Mummies? #1
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Hello everyone!
I've had an odd thought, how would I go around and build tombs in the normal sim world and make NPC mummies inhabit them, and name the mummies after sims, like an important Lineage mummifying their loved ones upon death? S3PE would definitely be needed, but how would I do this?

Hello? Nice to meet you. I'm a rather small Sims 2 modder that well, mods (And seems to post a lot on the forums with seemingly with a lot of posts. Or maybe just around 60 but who cares idk how to count well actually I do but that's a story for myself.)

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Old 15th Feb 2018, 4:02 PM #2
Don Babilon
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I don't know anything about how to create these but I can tell you that this might turn out to be impractical. NPC in tomb lots (using the tomb marker) are unable to leave the room in which they are on their own, i.e. they're basically trapped and will die of starvation sooner or later.
If you don't use the tomb room marker instead they will leave the lot after a while and not return anymore.

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