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Nat 619

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Originally Posted by linesa
That's a good night prom, Nat :D

Logan and Raya are a cute couple ^^

Originally Posted by A_Visionary
Aww that chapter was sweet! I love romance.

Thanks! Prom was one of those posts that definitely needed rejuvenating. It looks much better than before, and I'm glad people liked it.

Now, to add to BL00DIEDHELL's post... I actually wrote this up aaaages ago and forgot I went into so much detail. So today I polished it up a bit and took the pictures for it.

So, the gang. The most suitable and relevant place to begin is with a man we already know well. Stanley Cooper, who hails from the city of Miniopolis and doesn't need a picture, moved to Sunset Valley around twelve years ago. He'd say he wanted a breath of fresh air, but others would suggest that the prospect of putting some distance between himself and his mother may have also been a motivating factor. He established Cooper's Consignment with some help from the Gallos, and looked into forging some business deals with local people.

This led him to the gang led by Blake McIntyre, where stolen goods were easy to come across. Stanley, who at this point was well into the phase of life where he made poor decisions, wanted to join them outright.

Blake is the kind of man who likes to rule by fear. Maybe it looks stupid that he wears a denim jacket with flowers on, but nobody's going to say shit about it. He has no qualms about using violence and intimidation to get his way. Being brutal has let him be successful and he wants to keep it that way. He's in charge, and that's that.

The first friend Stan made was a young Seth Masters. He was also new to the gang, and the two were initiated at the same time. For Stanley, this meant attempting to burgle the Landgraabs. Of course, we know how this ended – in prison time.

But during his sentence, change happened. Rozalina Petrova was once a member, as being in charge of the stolen goods business. She became disillusioned with the way Blake was running things and some of the things he was getting up to, so she branched out on her own, taking some others with her and creating her own, female only business. After Stanley's sentence was completed, he chose to do business solely with Rozalina. Due to Gallo intervention, Blake backed off. As you've seen, Roza is a flirty, no-nonsense kind of woman, but also with a nurturing side. She's very passionate about protecting women and can be an intense person in general.

Now, for a couple of young members you don't know yet...

Billie Novak snuck into the background of an earlier post. Like Pen, she's a little out of place. Despite the tats and the piercings, she's quite a girly, friendly kind of person. How did someone like her end up in the gang? Well, when you're left to the mercies of the foster care system and aren't lucky enough to find a family, and you have nobody to guide you in life and few prospects, where else do you end up? Doing deliveries for Blake.

Cole Stephens is Billie's long-time best friend. They're purely platonic friends and will remain so. He's a bit of a poser and would like to be a tough guy. He's mostly grounded in reality though, and is good for a laugh despite being a little on the serious side. He works as a bookie at a gang-owned betting shop. Billie and Cole were in the year below Heath and friends at school - they also snuck into a post there!

Other prominent members and affiliations include:

Susannah Landry, who runs a brothel. Fun fact: she once had a brief fling with Blake, but their relationship is purely professional now. They still get along well, though.

Landon, whose surname remains hidden for reasons. He's one of the newer, younger members. He's a car mechanic, which in practice often means painting over and repurposing stolen vehicles. Only appeared a couple of times so far with Seth. He tends to be quite a cheerful, laid back kind of person. His personality is an odd mixture of sports fan, car-loving bro and camp gay, the latter of which he tones down significantly around certain people.

Austin Donovan, everyone's favourite drug dealer and all around scumbag. As we know, he was in a five year relationship with Nyla which resulted in the birth of their child Felicia, who he doesn't know about. Originally from Bridgeport.

And Seth again, as he is now. He's been through a few looks over the years, some of them more embarrassing than others. At present, he's the promoter of the MMA cage fights that Jude participated in, after spending a few years fighting in them himself. Over his twelve year gang career, he's done a bit of this and that, but is happy now in his current role. Definitely one of the senior voices, respected by many. His early life is still a mystery to most people – Seth likes to keep that firmly a secret, opening up to very few people about his past. He's grumpy, often moody and doesn't look after himself as well as he should, but deep down he has a kind heart.

Now, I know I shouldn't let this crew steal too much of the spotlight, considering the already huge cast. However, some of them do play a key role and have strong links to existing characters. While (my side of) the story still undoubtedly centres around Tate and his deeds, given that he is now coming to use the gang for his own purposes, they will make appearances. And honestly, I'm rather attached to some of them.

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