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Old 23rd Feb 2019, 7:25 AM DefaultHow can I make a mod that enables evil/criminal sims to kidnap other sims? #1
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I've been making plans to make a custom world based on Fallout 3's Capital Wasteland where you can play as a family in Vault 101 or in Megaton, or even in the Citadel as a Brotherhood soldier - and I realized that a important aspect of the violence and chaos in Fallout involves raider gangs, and particularly how they prey on fellow wastelanders or unsuspecting vault dwellers.

To that end, I'm trying to figure out a concept for a kidnapping mod, and I think the best way to implement it is through using mechanics from Sims 3's law enforcement track, where a cop has a chance of spawning to arrest a burglar, which was based on a suggestion someone made on another website. The idea I had is that a trait can be given to Sims that gives them a interaction to kidnap another sim. Basically what happens is the kidnapper gets into a fight with the Sim and if they're successful, that Sim is teleported to the kidnapper's home lot as a 'roommate' with heavy restrictions on their movements and actions.

Is there any advice or suggestions anyone could give me on putting together something like this? I want to start it simple by just making the trait and being able to assign it to a NPC, and making the action enabling the sim to stalk and kidnap a chosen target.
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Hey darkflip95,

i suggest you take a look at the SimArrestSituation in Sims3.Gameplay.Situations.
You would need to script your Trait and create a similar Script to the mentioned ArrestSituation.

E: If you dont want to drive them home in the car you could copy the Fight! Social interaction and test for the New Trait you would have to create and then add the attacked sim on success to roommates you can take the Sims3.Gameplay.Services.PoliceSituation.FightBurglar as reference
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Old 24th Feb 2019, 12:48 PM #3
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Test Subject

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Cheers for the advice man

I don't have much experience in scripting or coding so all of that is new to me, but I'll try that out and see what works.

Edit: Actually one more thing, where do I find that in the game's files? Do I need to open a sims 3 package?
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