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Old 25th Jan 2019, 6:45 PM Process Monitor and certain packages #1
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I've been using Process Monitor for years to check for bad content, but stopped using it to check everything because I wasn't getting any lag (I merge packages according to category, so I have about 4 GB of content in ~50 merged packages).

Now, recently I thought about checking if something bad managed to get through, and Process Monitor is identifying some sims3packs-converted-to-packages as being accessed 20k+ times in a very short time - and, indeed, the game also lags significantly while running unmerged packages, as opposed to merged ones. The odd part about this is that Process Monitor doesn't identify the merged packages as being an issue, and there is no lag in-game either.

e.g. individually, PM shows a few arches as being accessed 20k+ times in under a minute, but doesn't show anything out of the ordinary if they're merged in a big package along with 100 other arches.

I'm mostly curious if anyone else has experienced this, and what the reason could be. Also if the cause is known? Did something go wrong with the conversion to package, or is the sims3pack broken to begin with? Could it have negative long-term effects on savefile health? I know I can just remove the files, but they're versatile pieces I use often and I'd rather keep them if possible.

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