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Old 14th Jan 2019, 5:30 PM DefaultTexturing/Rendering issues in Live Mode? #1
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New Year New Problems

Hi, all!
I'm trying to convert this decor plant, and it's got this netting texture on it. The texture detail shows up great in build/buy mode, but in Live mode it sometimes glitches and looks stretched out and ugly. I'll zoom in and the textures will fix themselves (sometimes), or quickly toggle in/out of live mode in order to refresh...whatever's going on.
It makes me worried, cuz I don't know if this is a graphics thing (my settings are set to high) or a uv map thing (I doubt it; the uv map is some of the cleanest I've worked with), or just the game hating my guts in general.

It might also have something to do with the mesh being effing high poly as EFF. 10k+ (I shaved it down from like 300k, not even lying, each fruit was like 30k by itself when I extracted it).
I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe the game is toggling between my High and Low level detail meshes, maybe? But if so, how do I get it to stop doing that? My settings are already at their highest. And I've had higher poly meshes in my game that don't eff around like this.
If the polys are too dang high, what other ways can I lower poly counts other than Milkshape's DirectX Tool, or Blender's Decimate? (I don't have 3DS Max or Maya on this pc, unfortunately.)
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