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Old 2nd Sep 2016, 6:49 PM DefaultProblem with two-storey wallpapers #1
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Iíve been trying to make EA-match wallpapers for two-storey walls in hallways, stairwells etc. The problem is that thereís a thin line where the upstairs and downstairs papers meet, which is most obvious when thereís a strong contrast between the colours of the main wall and the mouldings.

From experimenting by substituting in other papers, it appears that the issue is with the upper paper (the one without the skirting/baseboard). For some reason, thereís a very narrow (1px?) strip of the crown moulding material at the bottom when the paperís on the wall, even though all the DDS image files look fine. Thereís also a much wider strip in the preview picture when youíre selecting the paper Ė not sure whether this is related.

I assumed at first it was something Iíd done wrong but EAís Flat Wall with Border behaves in exactly the same way.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to sort it out? Iíd really like to have two-storey walls without a band of moulding across the middle.
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