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Old 30th Jul 2018, 8:24 PM #51
Test Subject

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I've been playing in the Sims 3, adapting the Sims 4 rules to fit my game. My timeline is a little off from my actual game because I accidentally aged up a couple sims too early. I've been playing that each day is 3 months, 4 days is a year.
1. Jonathan Cross is employed at the hospital
2. Claudia Dawson and Jonathan get married +10
3. Claudia is pregnant
4[. Nothing eventful happens
1. Nothing eventful happens
2. Jonathan is promoted
Robert Cross is born +10
Claudia is pregnant
3. Nothing eventful happens
4. Nothing eventful happens
1. Robert is a toddler
Small kitchen fire -5
Ethel and Margaret Cross are born
2. Claudia is pregnant
3. Jonathan is promoted
4. Ethel and Margaret are toddlers
1. Sarah is born +10
Claudia is pregnant
Robert is a child
2. Jonathan is promoted
3. Nothing eventful happens
4. Sarah is a toddler
George is born +10
Claudia is a young adult
1. Nothing eventful happens
2. Nothing eventful happens
3. Ethel and Margaret are children
George is a toddler
4. Robert is a teenager
Old 1st Oct 2018, 12:55 PM #52
Test Subject

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This challenge looks really interesting, so I thought I'd give it a go. I don't have The Sims 4, so I'm adapting it to The Sims 3 instead, and I'm using the system of every 2 Sim days = a year. Also, when it comes to doing Sims challenges, I normally ignore the points system. However, this time I thought I'd make it interesting for myself. For every decade, if over 50 points have been scored, the family gets a perk of some kind for the next decade; perhaps a career change, or a lifetime happiness award, anything (as long as I still stick to the rules of the decade). If, however, they get less than 50 points, then I cut their family funds in half.
I've just completed the 1890's with my founder Sim, Annie Portsmith. She married Alexander Clavell*, a criminal, and they currently have three children together, with a fourth on the way that they don't know about yet.

*I am changing some of the names of the pre-made Sims to sound more appropriate to the decade.

Here are the notes I've made for the decade:
1890: Annie Portsmith arrives in Sunset Valley. She meets Alexander Clavell and the two begin courting shortly after.
1891: Alexander and Annie get married, Annie Portsmith becomes Annie Clavell.
1892: Alexander and Annie's house was burgled by Elliot Barr. He had stolen their sofa and outside toilet. Replacing both of them seriously crippled their household funds.
1893: Their son, Thomas Clavell, is born.
1894: Alexander was arrested for the first time.
1895: Their twin daughters, Rosa and Poppy Clavell, were born. Thomas aged up into a toddler.
1896: Nothing really happened.
1897: Alexander was arrested for the second time, however, following his arrest, he was promoted from Decoy to Cutpurse. Rosa and Poppy aged up into toddlers.
1898: Alexander was arrested for the third time.
1899: Thomas aged up into a child.

Points scored for this decade:
+10 points for every Sim married before their adult stage - x2 = 20
+10 points for each child born - x3 = 30
Total: 50

Okay, I seriously hadn't planned for that to be exactly 50 XD

So there will be some kind of perk for the 1900's, and I don't know what that is yet, but I'll post it in the update.

So, the next time I play, it will be the 1900's. The family - particularly Alexander and Thomas - will soon be preparing for WWI. Obviously, Annie is pregnant with her fourth child, but there may be more on the way if Thomas's chances of becoming heir are being diminished. And will Alexander at least TRY to stay out of prison?

Thanks for reading.
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Old 4th Oct 2018, 2:27 AM #53
Test Subject

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The 1900's are complete...and that was a very eventful/stressful decade, to say the least!

So much happened. First of all, the family went from three children...to six! Annie gave birth to another boy, Henry. But later on, she gave birth to another two boys, Joseph and Bernard. But the number of children is now staying at six, as Alexander and Annie are now divorced. Alexander had flings with a couple of women and then became romantically involved with Sarah Bakshi. He tried to keep it hidden from his wife, however, their children grew very suspicious of him, particularly Poppy and Henry. The guilt forced him to confess to his wife and they ultimately broke up, leaving Annie, alone, as a single mother...of six children. Alexander, however, did do extremely well in his criminal career track, being promoted on many occasions. As for the children, Thomas, Rosa and Poppy are young adults, Henry is a teenager, Joseph is a child and Bernard is a toddler. Thomas went to school and worked part time at a market as a teenager and has now joined the medical career track. He also has a girlfriend and he is planning to propose to her. Rosa and Poppy stopped going to school when they were teenagers and stayed at home with their mother to help cook, clean and care for their little brothers. Henry is still going to school as a teenager.

Notes for the decade:
1900: Rosa and Poppy aged up into children. Alexander was promoted from Cutpurse to Thug, and then aged up into an adult.
1901: Their fourth child, Henry Clavell, was born. Alexander was arrested for the fourth time. Annie aged up into an adult.
1902: Alexander has an affair with Sarah Bakshi. Thomas aged up into a teenager. Henry aged up into a toddler.
1903: Alexander was promoted from Thug to Getaway Driver. Rosa and Poppy made it onto the honor roll and then aged up into teenagers.
1904: Their fifth child, Joseph Clavell, was born. Alexander's mother passed away.
1905: Thomas gets into a relationship with Sophie Ursine. Alexander was promoted from Getaway Driver to Bagman. Alexander's father passed away.
1906: Joseph aged up into a toddler. Alexander was promoted from Bagman to Con Artist. Henry aged up into a child.
1907: Alexander was arrested for the fifth time.
1908: Their sixth child, Bernard Clavell, was born. Thomas got promoted at his market job. Alexander was promoted from Con Artist to Safecracker. Thomas aged up into a young adult, and then left the market job and moved into the medical career track.
1909: Alexander confessed to cheating on Annie and they got divorced. Alexander moved out of the house. Joseph aged up into a child. Bernard aged up into a toddler. Rosa and Poppy aged up into young adults. Henry aged up into a teenager.

Points scored for this decade:
+10 points for each child born - x3 = 30
Total: 30

So, in the last decade, I scored 50 points, so there was a perk for the 1900's. The perk I gave the family was the 'kaching' cheat (only once) as they were running very low on money. However, 1000 extra Simoleons doesn't last long.

But this time, as the total is under 50, I will cut their funds in half. This takes 4,280 Simoleons down to 2,140, which is not much, especially considering the fact that I have a family of seven to look after...

So, the next time I play, it will be the 1910's. Without Alexander's financial support, will they still afford the rent? Will Thomas propose to Sophie? And, more importantly, as the first World War approaches, will Thomas, Henry, Joseph and Bernard stay safe?

Thanks for reading.
Old 6th Oct 2018, 10:57 PM #54
Test Subject

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I've just finished the 1910's, and, once again, so much has happened. Thomas, Rosa and Poppy all got married, and Annie finally became a grandmother! Thomas's wife, Sophie, gave birth to a baby boy, Walter. And Poppy (after moving out of the family home and in with her husband) also gave birth to a baby boy, Fidel. Rosa is yet to have children. However, disaster struck as all of Annie's sons and her twin daughters husbands were all recruited into the great war, and sadly, not one of them survived. I miscalculated, because I thought that by the time Bernard became a teenager, the war would be over. But he became a teenager in 1917. And that was especially upsetting for Sophie (other than losing her husband), as she was like a second mother to him and helped Annie raise him from a young age. When Annie passes away, the role of heir will be passed down to her grandson, Walter, as the eldest living male blood relative. It would also make sense as Walter grew up in the same house and - having never met his father- he was raised by not only his mother, but also by Annie. The two are very close. (The only people currently living in the family home are Annie, Sophie and Walter).

As for the people currently living away from the family home (Alexander, Rosa and Poppy), there isn't much to mention. Alexander is now an elder (therefore, too old to be recruited into the army) and doesn't appear to be in a relationship, but whether he is still having flings with women, I don't know. Since moving out, he never really kept in contact with his children. Rosa and Poppy are both war widows, Poppy is now a single mother to her toddler son, Fidel, and Rosa is living alone. Whether they both remarry remains to be seen.

Notes for the decade:
1910: Rosa started a house fire, but no one was hurt.
1911: Thomas was promoted to Bed Pan Cleaner.
1912: Thomas proposed to Sophie, and the two quickly get married. Sophie Ursine becomes Sophie Clavell. Rosa begins dating Malcolm Landgraab.
1913: Malcolm proposed to Rosa, and they both get married, causing Rosa to move out. Rosa Clavell becomes Rosa Landgraab. Poppy begins dating Mortimer Goth, and it's not long before he proposes and they get married, also causing Poppy to move out. Poppy Clavell becomes Poppy Goth. Henry got a promotion at his market job. Annie aged up into an elder. Joseph made it onto the honor roll, and then aged up into a teenager. Annie completed her Lifetime Wish (raise 5 children from babies to teenagers). (1913 was a very eventful year xD)
1914: Thomas, Henry and Joseph left for war, along with Malcolm Landgraab and Mortimer Goth. Bernard aged up into a child. Sophie gave birth to her son, Walter Clavell and Annie became a grandmother.
1915: Henry and Joseph died in the war.
1916: Walter aged up into a toddler. Thomas and Mortimer died in the war.
1917: As she became a widow, Sophie was now able to work as a painter. Bernard made it onto the honor roll, and then aged up into a teenager, meaning that he had to leave for war. Malcolm died in the war.
1918: Bernard died in the war. Not long after, the war ended.
1919: Walter aged up into a child.

Points scored for this decade:
+10 points for every Sim married before their adult stage - x3 = +30
+10 points for each child born - x2 = +20
+5 points for every teenage or child Sim that has a B in school = +5
-10 points for every Sim's death before they reach young adulthood - x3 = -30
-5 points for every Sim's death before they reach elder - x3 = -15
-5 points for every fire that starts = -5
Total: 5

Not the score I was hoping for, so once again, the household funds get slashed in half. It's now going from 1,744 Simoleons to a worrying 872.

So, the next time I play, it will be the 1920's. After going through a difficult mourning period will Sophie, Rosa and Poppy all remarry? Will they take on the new feminist attitude and go out and get jobs? And as the end of Annie's life approaches, will Walter be ready to take over as the new heir, or will he need his mother to guide him through?

Thanks for reading.

Edit: After reading that in the 20's, women are now allowed to inherit, this means that the house can now be inherited by one of the twins. I have now decided that if when Annie dies, Walter is not yet a young adult, the heir(ess) will then be Rosa (she's the oldest of the twins and, personally, one of my favourite Sims so far).
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Old 8th Oct 2018, 9:35 AM #55
Test Subject

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I will defenitly do this Challenge
It is very intersting
Old 10th Oct 2018, 11:00 AM #56
Test Subject

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The Roaring 20's are now complete, and although this decade didn't seem quite as eventful as WWI, a lot of changes have been made. Annie, my starting Sim, had passed away and her grave is located in her garden. As this was the decade where females were eligible to inherit property, Annie's eldest daughter, Rosa, became the heiress. Walter was initially going to be heir, however, he was still young at the time. Sophie and Walter moved into a separate house of their own after Rosa had moved in. Rosa was something of a heartbreaker in her youth, attracting lots of young men with her stunning golden blonde hair, elegant figure and big blue eyes, and then turning them down. But after the death of her first husband, Malcolm, she wanted security. To support herself, she got a job in the music industry, and that was where she met the first man she had her eye on, Irving Berman. The two were romantically interested in each other, but Rosa also caught feelings for someone else, a handsome older businessman named Reinaldo McKenna. She was feeling stuck, until she realised that the whole time, Irving had had a girlfriend, and he was lying to her. Feeling betrayed, she left him and went straight to Reinaldo, who also had feelings for her too. The pair got married and Rosa gave birth to their first child, a girl named Mary. She also has another child on the way. Shortly after her daughter was born, Rosa quit her job in the music industry to care for her baby, and also, her husband was earning more than her at his job, so she would still be financially secure.

In terms of the people currently living away from the family home, Alexander also passed away, just a year after his ex-wife. Sophie is still single and working in the culinary industry, while Walter is now a young adult (also single). Poppy is still single and unemployed, and Fidel is currently a teenager, and has a girlfriend, Katherine Barrow.

Notes for the decade:
1920: Sophie quit her painting job and got a job in the culinary industry. Shortly after, her father passed away.
1921: Sophie aged up into an adult. Walter made it onto the honor roll.
1922: Annie died of old age. Walter aged up into a teenager. Sophie was promoted from Kitchen Scullion to Spice Runner. Rosa became the heiress and moved in, while Sophie and Walter moved out. Rosa got a job in the music industry.
1923: Rosa's father, Alexander, passed away.
1924: Irving Berman cheated on his girlfriend with Rosa, so Rosa stopped seeing him. Rosa began dating Reinaldo McKenna and shortly after, got a promotion.
1925: Reinaldo proposed to Rosa and soon after, they got married. Rosa Landgraab became Rosa McKenna.
1926: Rosa gave birth to her daughter, Mary McKenna.
1927: Rosa quit her job in the music industry. Reinaldo was promoted to Filing Clerk.
1928: Mary aged up into a toddler.
1929: The family were burgled by Stanley Unger. Luckily, he only stole their sofa and replacing it didn't cost that much.

Points scored for this decade:
+10 points for every Sim married before their adult stage = +10
+5 points for every Sim married during or after their adult stage = +5
+10 points for each child born = +10
+5 points for every Sim that dies a natural death x2 = +10
Total: 35

A better score than last time, however; it's still under 50, which means I need to, once again, half their family funds. This takes their current total of 5,688 Simoleons down to 2,844.

So, the next time I play, it will be the 1930's. With the Great Depression and WWII approaching, will the family be torn apart once again? Will the future ever get brighter for Rosa's unborn child? Will Rosa, Mary, Poppy and Sophie see the end of their Women's Rights?

Thanks for reading.
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Old 13th Oct 2018, 12:03 PM #57
Test Subject

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The 1930's have drawn to a close, and it's safe to say that this has been one of the worst decades for Rosa McKenna. Word had gotten around that she had had feelings for Irving Berman at the same time as her husband, with Irving even asking her on another date (to which she declined), and this had put their marriage on the rocks. At the start of the decade, divorce seemed imminent for Reinaldo and Rosa. She tried to do everything she could to show she was sorry, but he wasn't ready to forgive. He didn't even want to sleep in the same bed as her. However, time progressed and Reinaldo managed to let things cool down. He still wasn't happy, but the past was in the past, and he was still in love with her. Although the same level of trust may not have been there as it had before, the two managed to work through their problems. They had two more children together, Alice (the unborn child from before) and a son, David. But things couldn't always stay rosy as the Great Depression began. Reinaldo was made redundant from his job, they barely had any money and therefore, they were barely scraping by. They had a house fire in 1932, which had destroyed everything in their kitchen. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but replacing everything left them out of pocket. After things eventually began to look up and Reinaldo was able to work again; in 1939, the announcement on the radio told the family that the country was going to war with the rest of the world. Rosa was lost for words; a repeat of the war that had killed all of her brothers, her brother-in-law and her first husband...how would she cope, especially now that her second husband had no choice but to be recruited for it? Her two nephews, Fidel (Poppy's son) and Walter (Thomas and Sophie's son) were also forced into the second World War. Sadly, in 1939, not long after the war had begun, Walter was killed in action.

As for the people currently living away from the home, Sophie and Poppy are still single, with just days away before becoming elders. Sophie had just lost her son, and is trying to cope with the grief. Fidel had broken up with his girlfriend, Katherine, and is now dating Marianne Page. Fidel is fighting to stay alive in WWII in the hopes that he can be reunited with his sweetheart once again.

Notes for the decade:
1930: Reinaldo lost his job in his Business career. He soon found out that Rosa had had romantic feelings for Irving Berman at the same time as him, this affected their marriage. Rosa gave birth to her second daughter, Alice McKenna, and not long after, aged up into an adult. Mary aged up into a child.
1931: Alice aged up into a toddler.
1932: After a rocky marriage, Rosa and Reinaldo decided to stay together. A fire had started and burned down their entire kitchen. Replacing all of the furniture took their total household funds down to 59 Simoleons.
1933: After the Great Depression ended, Reinaldo took a job in the Culinary industry.
1934: Mary made it onto the honor roll.
1935: Mary aged up into a teenager. Rosa gave birth to her son, David McKenna. Reinaldo was promoted from Kitchen Scullion to Spice Runner.
1936: Alice aged up into a child. David aged up into a toddler. Reinaldo was promoted from Spice Runner to Vegetable Slicer.
1937: Reinaldo was promoted from Vegetable Slicer to Ingredient Taster.
1938: Alice made it onto the honor roll.
1939: Alice aged up into a teenager. Reinaldo, and Rosa's nephews, Walter Clavell and Fidel Goth, left for war. David aged up into a child. Walter died in the war.

Points scored for this decade:
+10 points for each child born x2 = +20
+10 points for every teenage Sim that has an A in school x2 = +20
-10 points for every job fired from = -10
-5 points for every Sim's death before they reach elder = -5
-5 points for every fire that starts = -5
Total: 20

Still lower than 50, so again, halving the family funds. This takes their current total of 1,249 Simoleons down to a troubling 625.

So, the next time I play, it will be the 1940's. As the war continues on, will Rosa lose another husband to it? What does this mean for David in the future? Will Sophie gain enough support after the death of her son?

Thanks for reading.
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we should be allowed to visit festavils minus geek con until you hit the 80's or 70's because there where get togethers and ice cream socials often put on by the churches for young people
Old 30th Oct 2018, 11:11 PM #59
Test Subject

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Hey everyone, sorry that I sort of stopped doing the regular updates. I have still been playing, but I was so immersed that I forgot to post about it xD
My sim game is currently in the year 1981 (which I'm excited about, because the 80's is my favourite decade), the first baby of generation 5 has just been born and things are pretty interesting. (I was gonna wait until the end of the challenge to write about this, but I wanted to do it now).
Even though I've posted about it before, I wanna do a quick update of all the events that have happened with my Sim family from 1890-1981:
In 1890, Annie Portsmith moved to Sunset Valley to start a new life, after having been raised in an orphanage through her childhood and teenage years. It was there that she met local crook, Alexander Clavell. She knew of his crimes, but that didn't seem to bother her too much. They married a year later, and together, they raised six children (four sons, two daughters) in their small townhouse: Thomas (born 1893), twins Rosa and Poppy (born 1895), Henry (born 1901), Joseph (born 1904) and Bernard (born 1908). Things remained sweet until the late 1900's. Alexander, although he loved his wife, he lacked the knowledge of morals and commitment, and would often have affairs with other women who caught his eye. He managed to continue this until 1909, when he decided to finally tell Annie. The two subsequently became divorced, and Alexander moved out, abandoning Annie and their six children. They never saw him again, and Annie never remarried.
Despite Alexander's absence, the family managed to find the strength to carry on. The three eldest children all married within the early 1910's; Thomas married Sophie Ursine, Rosa married Malcolm Landgraab and Poppy married Mortimer Goth. However, disaster struck in 1914 as the first World War began, forcing all teenage and adult males to leave their homes and fight for their country. Thomas, Henry, Joseph, Bernard, Mortimer and Malcolm all had to fight, and the worry of not knowing when or if they would come home was terrifying for everyone, especially a heavily pregnant Sophie and an unknowingly pregnant Poppy. Not long after the war started, Thomas's wife Sophie gave birth to their son, Walter, and Poppy gave birth to her and Mortimer's son, Fidel. Unfortunately, none of Annie's sons or daughters' husbands survived the war, leaving Annie with only two children instead of six, and leaving Sophie, Poppy and Rosa as widows.
After learning the hard truth that Thomas would never be returning home, Annie co-raised her grandson with Sophie until her death in 1922. After Annie died, Sophie and her son Walter moved out, letting Annie's eldest daughter, Rosa, step forward as the heiress.
Although Sophie and Poppy never remarried, Rosa eventually did, after meeting a mysterious man named Reinaldo McKenna and falling in love with him. They had three children together; Mary (born 1926), Alice (born 1930) and David (born 1935). However, one of Rosa's jealous exes tried to do everything he could to wreck their marriage, even trying to spread rumours that she was having an affair. This negatively affected things to the point where they very nearly divorced in the early 30's. Luckily, they managed to work things through and they stayed together. Although, that couldn't last for two long, as in 1939, the second World War begun. David was too young to be recruited, but Rosa once again had to be torn apart from another husband. Reinaldo was drafted into WWII with Sophie's son Walter, and Poppy's son, Fidel. Again, sadly, no one survived. After that, Rosa was too scared and heartbroken to marry a third time.
Rosa's eldest child, Mary, married a man named Dexter Markham in 1945, shortly after the war ended, and he moved in with Mary and her family. A year later, Mary gave birth to their son, James, who was Rosa's first grandchild. Things seemed to go quite smoothly until the year 1950, as yet another war broke out; the Korean war. Except this time, it was only Mary and David who were recruited; the first time they wanted women to fight. Sadly, David was killed in action only a few months of fighting.
Rosa had passed away in the year 1952, while Mary was still away fighting, leaving Dexter, Alice and James terrified and unsure of what to do. Alice helped raise her nephew and became like a second mother to him, and Dexter had become so depressed that when he finished his late shifts at the restaurant he worked at, he would hang around outside of the building, not wanting to go home. He would also occasionally flirt with other women while his wife was absent, although no one ever found this out. Sadly, Mary died in 1953, not long before the Korean war ended.
As Rosa's only surviving child, Alice became the heiress, meaning that Dexter and James moved out and found a place of their own. Dexter never remarried.
Months after the death of her sister, Alice married her long-term boyfriend, Dr. Antwan Barker. He moved in with her and they had three children of their own; John (born 1954), Patricia (born 1958) and Linda (born 1963). As a teenager, Alice's eldest child, John, was completely enthralled by the new rock 'n' roll craze, immediately wanting to learn to play guitar and be just like Elvis, Mick Jagger, and John Lennon. He became something of a local celebrity; always seen around town with his guitar in tow, performing at the park and the beach. He also fell in love with a girl, Catherine Dietz, and the two began dating and had a very serious relationship. However, all of that was cut short as in 1971 (you guessed it), another war took place. This time, it was the Vietnamese war, and John and Patricia were forced into recruiting. Sadly, no one survived again, for the fourth time (I was hoping at least one of my Sims would survive a war! ). John died in 1972 and Patricia died a year later.
And as if things couldn't get any worse, Antwan passed away in 1975, and then Alice in 1977! As the only surviving child, Linda became the heiress, when she was still just a teenager.
After having her whole family torn apart, the stress became to much for Linda and she began to act out. She became neurotic and was heavily into drinking, and threw loud house parties every night. As 1977 was also the birth year of the punk movement, she became very involved in it; cutting her hair short and wearing leather jackets and fishnets. It was at one of these parties that she met fellow punk, Dwight Cross, a criminal who was a couple of years older than her. The two became best friends, and shortly after, started dating. A couple of years later in 1979, Linda became pregnant with his child. With the reality that they would soon have a baby to care for, the pair realised that they would need to change their ways and stop living a reckless lifestyle to ensure that their child would grow up in a safe environment. Linda and Dwight got married in a private ceremony, Dwight gave up a life of crime and instead, got a job in the business career track. As for Linda; one day when she was sorting through the spare rooms of their house, she came across her brother's old guitar. Remembering that he never got to fulfil his dream of being a rockstar, she wanted to learn to play in honour of him, and now works in the music career track. In early 1980, she gave birth to their son, Matthew.
Mary's son, James Markham, is still alive and although he is unemployed, he is currently dating a woman named Crystal Campos who has three teenage children. As the only surviving blood relatives, James and his cousin, Linda, are best friends and hang out frequently.
And that's where I'm up to right now. As you can tell, it's been pretty bleak, what with all the wars going on. But I'm sure things will take a much better turn in the game from now on
Sorry for that essay xD The next time I'll probably update again is when I finish the challenge
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Test Subject

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I'm so in love with this challenge ! I'm actually playing it for the second time (the first try turned out to be a complete massacre). Only this time I chose to play with the revisited timeline suggested by CuteCoffeeGal and I must say that I'm enjoying it even more. I think it adds quite a challenge, in addition to making this story more historically accurate. The trick is to consider that the decade changes every 20 days (based on a normal lifespan) so 2 days equals a year and so on... I'm currently at the beginning of the 1930's, but here's a hightlight of what's happened since day one :





My current family tree : Here

Sorry for my bad english, its not my primary language!
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After almost two months, I have finally finished the challenge!
In the last update, it was the early 1980's. Linda and Dwight Cross had married at a young age after they knew they were expecting their first child together, Matthew. The family was pulling together well, especially as Dwight became a very successful businessman, becoming CEO and eventually becoming the Mayor in 1999. Meanwhile, in 1986, Linda gave birth to her second child, Amanda. In the 90's, Matthew came out as gay, and soon began dating Jereme Fogle, and Amanda began dating Daniel Kirk in 2001. In the hopes of starting a family together, Jereme moved in with Matthew and his family in the year 2000 until the couple managed to save enough money to buy a two-bedroom house of their own, so that they could adopt a child. They were finally able to do this in 2003 and together, they adopted Leah Fogle-Cross. Sadly, Linda passed away in 2009, and Dwight passed away in 2011. It was then that Matthew became the heir to the family home and himself, Jereme and Leah moved back in, while Amanda moved out of the family home and in with her boyfriend, Daniel (the two are still dating and living together, but are unmarried with no children). With another spare bedroom suddenly free, they adopted another child, Elliot Fogle-Cross, in 2011. In 2013, Leah came out as bisexual and began dating her girlfriend, Trish Speer. (The timelines are off in the Sims, so in real life, Leah would've been 10, but she was a teenager in the game). In 2015, as gay marriage was finally legalised in all of the United States, Matthew and Jereme were finally able to marry; both surnames becoming a combination of their last names, Fogle-Cross. In 2019, Elliot began dating Esme Collins. Linda's cousin, James (who I've mentioned previously) lived until 2004. He was dating Crystal Campos. However, at that point, I had forgotten to save the game, so that never actually happened. Instead, he remained single until 1990, when he began dating Janette Crocker; an elderly widow who had one grown up daughter. They never married, but they were together until her death in 1997. James never had any children.
As the game stands, Matthew is an elder, Jereme is an adult with one day until becoming an elder, Amanda is an adult, Leah is a young adult and Elliot is a teenager. (Which just goes to show you how messed up the timelines really are, because in real life; that would make Matthew, 39, Jereme, 38, Amanda, 33 - although I guess that is pretty accurate - Leah, 16, and Elliot, 8 :D)

This has been the first Sims challenge that I've actually completed all the way through! This has been my favourite Sims challenge, and now I don't know what to do now that it's over :'( It was a lot of fun, and maybe I'll do it again someday. I would also like to make a family tree, of all six generations, from 1890 - 2019. But for now, I have to find another challenge

Thank you for making this, it was a lot of fun
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Loving this challenge so far. Still in 1890's and my sim just had triplets thinking of using the war death roll for babies and mother (death in childbirth was common especially in multiples)
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Test Subject

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Just started mine! Founder Amadeus Thorn and his wife, Edith, (decided to start them off married for my own story puropses) just moved to Newcrest in search of starting a new life together as a married couple.
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I just started mine last night. I am a little confused on how long each decade is supposed to be but I'm going to start with 20 sim days.

My founders are Otis and Minnie Brown
Highlights: Minnie is in her 2nd trimester

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I just started this challenge today with my two founders Alice & Thomas Miller. I decided to start them off married because I didn't feel like finding a suitable partner for Alice since most of the townies are dressed like it's the 21st century. They already had a son, his name is Charlie and I've decided for him to be heir. I downloaded a bunch of custom content just for this so I plan on doing the entire thing.

I currently have 785 simoleons in my household funds.
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Does anybody know if you can have a pet rat or even a hamster for this? Back in the 1800's people would let guinea pigs run around in their kitchen and I kinda want to do that with mine (just using a hamster, but they look more like guinea pigs than hamsters tbh).

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