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Old 2nd Jul 2016, 2:07 AM DefaultThe Mystery of Mythos Boarding School. The first in a series of fantasy roleplay. Accepting #1
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Test Subject

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You have been born different from humans, be it with simple added features as wings, or a tail...or supernatural powers like the ability to turn invisible, or set things on fire with a simple touch. Unable to safely be around humans, or simply unable to know how to control these powers, your parents/caretaker one day comes to you with an envelope...addressed to you! Inside is a pamphlet of the school, along with a letter.

It's not your fault they were born different, it's not your fault that they don't look like all the other humans around...it's not their fault at all that they have extraordinary powers, or just look different at all. So why should they be punished by being locked away for all of time? Which is why we here at Mythos Boarding School have extended a full scholarship to all those who are just a little different than the humans, come and make friends...learn how to control your powers...even gain extensive knowledge on how to integrate into the human world under guise as a human!

Love, Headmistress Mayhem of Mythos Boarding School

But not everything at Mythos Boarding School is as it seems...evil is lurking in these walls, even the students can feel it. Once inside, who knows what the students will find out about the school.
Hi everyone! I've decided to try something out here, figured no where better than a roleplay forum huh? I have a lot of experience roleplaying, so I whipped this up in a snap for everyone to try out, and hopefully have fun with it. I intend to do a bit of a 'series' roleplay! Which I hope people won't mind... it'll go like this: Anyone can solve the mystery, there is no 'chosen one' or 'special one', everyone will be able to solve it, everyone will be able to have a hand in it, once the mystery is solved, this thread will go on until the end of the 'School year', where in this thread will end, and then a new one will begin with another Prompt, mystery, or theme. People will be encouraged to bring over old characters, or even make entirely new ones!

As always, the rules of the forums apply
This is a Modern Fantasy roleplay, don't change it.
IC drama is encouraged! But don't take anything IC to ooc, and visa versa, just because someones character doesn't like yours, doesn't mean that person doesn't like you oocly, same thing for if you and another person have a spat oocly, if you think it will interfere with your roleplaying with their character, then simply do not address their character at all, if anyone notices, or feels that things go beyond ic conflict, please contact a moderator.
Keep all ooc posts to in brackets, and try to keep ooc posting to a minimum.
To show you have read the rules, please write what your favorite color is and what type (ie primary, secondary, etc.)
This roleplay is meant to be fun and encourage everyone to take part in some way or somehow, regardless of roleplaying ability and so forth. If you are not having fun, or feel like you're not as "good"(which believe me is not even remotely true, everyone roleplays in a different way!) I encourage you to contact me at first notice so that we can talk about how to make it more fun for you!
While not a major rule, please try to keep to a third person perspective( 'she' 'he' 'it' pronouns in place of 'I' 'you' 'me'(unless speaking)), for the simple reason that I am not my character, and you are not your character! Also please bold names of peoples characters you are posting at, that way people can quickly read through and find out if they need to make a post towards your character or not!
Romance is allowed, but limit any romance with the teachers to age 16 and up just to limit creepy factor!
Please have a limit of three characters.
I promise the rules are not made to hamper anyones roleplaying ability, but to keep the roleplay flowing, and fun!

Character sheets
Name: (Just your characters full name)
Age&School year: (Age, and what school year. This is a 7th-12th grade school so be creative!)
Gender: (Male, female, other)
Species: (Human or other)
Powers: (if any)
Personality: (What is your character like?)
Biography: (Was your character born as <species>? When did they find out they had powers?)
Appearance: (You can either describe or use pictures. Please try not to use pictures that you do not own unless for reference i.e. hair color/style, eye color etc.)
Classes: (Be creative but not too creative, try to pick normal and abnormal sounding classes that would fit in with your characters species/powers. Minimum of three classes.)

School uniform

You are free to npc(non playable character) any teachers you wish, but if someone would like to play one of the main four down below, please ask me.

Name: Mr. I. M. Ded
Age: Older than time itself
Gender: Male
Species: Grim reaper
Powers: Reaper of the dead
Personality: Cold, distant, aloof and normally uncaring.
Biography: One second he didn't exist, and the next he did. He didn't understand what or who he was at first, but as time grew on, he learned his place...now he's stuck teaching children things. Do not be fooled, there are many Grim Reapers out there, he is just one of the many.
Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, cold dark black eyes and pale skin, very monotone in apparel, but also very refined and formal.
Classes: Teaches Philosophy, Divination, Lore and History.

Name: Headmistress Agatha Mayhem
Age: Never ask a lady how old she is
Gender: Female
Species: Half-demon
Powers: Unlisted
Personality: Strict and stern, mysterious, all business sort of lady. But secretly very kind and caring towards her students.
Biography: Coming from a background of a father who fell in love with a demoness, and a demoness who left after she was born...Agatha found she didn't fit in anywhere after her half-demon side began to show. Confined to the house, her father hired numerous tutors and teachers to teach his young daughter. When she finally learned to conceal her image, she learned how to be a teacher, and eventually erected the Mythos Boarding School to give those like her a chance at a life they deserve.
Appearance: Short red pixie cut, stern glowing green eyes, her skin is peach colored but mottled with red rough skin in places. Short, filed black horns stick out from along side her head, and a long red and black scaled tail protrudes from her back. Clothing style is as stern as her, all business formal. Sometimes has black wings.
Classes: Teaches Human life skills: social studies, math, music, science.

Name: Miss Gaia Delina
Age: One hundered and a half years old
Gender: Female
Species: Forest nymph
Powers: Ability to grow flowers, revive dead flowers and become a tree.
Personality: Ditzy, airheaded, kind, bubbly and sweet.
Biography: Gaia was born in Greece! Where else would you find a forest nymph? Very experienced with everything to do with Herbalism and gardening, she was offered on to teach what she knows, and to be the Groundskeeper of the school.
Appearance: Long flowing blonde hair with many, many flowers. Light, very light green skin, usually wears leaves, vines, and flowers to cover herself.
Classes: Teaches Gardening, Herbalism, First aid, Biology, and Survival skills.

Name: Mr. Reginald Daumfrey
Age: Fourty five
Gender: Male
Species: Warlock
Powers: Magic, in general
Personality: Kindred older man, very polite and refined, has a sort of fatherly feel.
Biography: Mr. Daumfrey comes from a long line of witches and warlocks, his family being very diverse through history. He has a background in the Military, making him a very good candidate to teach not only magic, but physical skills.
Appearance: Full head of grey hair, bushy mustache, rotund but tall. He dresses in a very regal, old timey sort of way, much like the victorian era.
Classes: Teaches P.E., magical skills, and sword fighting.

My character(s)
Name: Millie Chiot
Age&School year: Sixteen, 10th grade
Gender: Female
Species: Dog person
Powers: N/A
Personality: Shy around people she doesn't know, very loyal to her friends and has a bit of a puppy like personality when around them.
Biography: Millie was born into the Chiot family, a very rich family, but her parents were pretty strict. Being unable to hide her appearance, Millie was confined to her room many, many times, now that she is coming to Mythos Boarding School, she hopes to make friends and finally be happy.
Appearance: Millie
Classes: History, Gardening, Herbalism, and Biology.

Name: Demetria Corliss.
Age&School year: Seventeen, 11th grade
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Powers: Magic, illusionary skills
Personality: Sarcastic but fun, she's very outgoing and can sometimes seem a bit rude.
Biography: Demetria was unaware that she was a witch until she was thirteen, due to the fact that her mother died when she was young, and her father had died long before that. When she found out that she had magical powers, first due to her bang starting to change color with her mood(dubbed mood hair/bang), she was worried about how she would fit in with the world.
Appearance: Demetria
Classes: Magical skills, math, science, P.E., and History.

Name: Khepri Amisi
Age&School year: Fifteen, 9th grade
Gender: Female
Species: Naga, lamia hybrid.
Powers: Healing magic, elemental magic(fire, water, air, earth)
Personality: Khepri is shy, but very friendly and tries to make friends a lot, she can be a bit stubborn sometimes.
Biography: When Khepri hatched, her mother disowned her and left her father due to Khepri being 'too weak', and her father raised her alone. She knows a bit about healing magic, and is able to freely shift between a human appearance, and a half-snake appearance. Her father knows however that there isn't much that he can teach her, or at all, so he has allowed her to go to Mythos Boarding School.
Appearance: snake appearance, human appearance.
Classes: Magical skills, P.E., first aid, biology, divination.

I hope you all enjoy and have fun!
Old 25th Sep 2016, 1:51 AM #2
Test Subject

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(Not sure if this is still going on but here's my two characters if it is! My favorite color is purple, and it's secondary)
Name: Alexander Gerrildson
Age&School year: 16, 10th grade
Species: Human/shifter
Powers: shapeshifting(not into animals)
Personality: Alexander is uncomfortable in his own skin, constantly changing into others. He's very shy, but he hopes that he'll fit in more at Mythos. He's a mostly B student, with occasional A's and C's, and he's hoping that his teachers will understand him changing faces and bodies.
Biography: Alexander was born as a shifter, but his parents didn't tell him until he was 15. He started shifting randomly, against his parents' and his own will, and his parents had to send him off to Mythos, for his safety and theirs.
Appearance: Alexander's appearance varies, but his normal, not shifted form is him with long dark hair, that he constantly keeps out of his eyes by pushing it back. His eyes are a dark brown color. He rarely takes this form, choosing instead to make himself much more 'handsome' when he actually can control his power.
Classes: P. E., magic skills, history, lore
Name: Ace Michaels
Age&School year: 15, 9th grade
Gender: female
Species: half-vampire
Powers: strength at night, flight at night
Personality: Ace is hot tempered, mostly always angry, or having a bad time. She's actually very sensitive, pushing people away before she 'hurts' them
Biography: Ace lived a normal life, except for her father dying when she was 6, right before her brother Thomas(Mas) was born. Ace has another brother, Luke, who is 4 years older, and her mom. Ace moved to a sort of shady town, with a bunch of gangs. It turned out some of the gangs were made entirely of vampires, but Ace didn't realize this until she started showing signs of being a vampire. She accidentally hurt Mas and Luke during a fight with one of the gangs at night, and her mother sent her to Mythos. Ace is half vampire until she kills someone and drinks their blood.
Appearance: Ace has curly dark brown hair, and light blue eyes in her normal form, with slightly bigger 'fangs'. In her vampire form, when she's really angry(not just normal Ace angry), her skin is pale, her eyes are yellow, and her fangs are long. She's very quick to hurt in this form, sometimes feeling controlled by want for blood.
Classes: Philosophy, First aid, Biology, and Survival skills

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