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Originally Posted by Dnsouthldy
I run compatibility mode for xp2 on win 8, have geforce GT-740 graphics card. Since installing this card, I am having problems with this computer dropping files. My son, a techie, seems to think I may need a faster processor. Anyway, I have beautiful graphics, and no problems with the games loading.

What Processor, and graphics do you have? How much ram?
I feel, you should have at LEAST 8gb/RAM, and NO swapfile, seems to work best. Sims don't recognize 8gb/RAM, but your COMPUTER does. It gives your computer, and everything it does in the background, room to breathe, while running Sims2.

Try running "Bareback"(no compatibility mode/not as Administrator) with Windows 8.1.
Try running your Sims DVD/CD, with a Daemon Tools, "Virtual drive".
If you have 8gb/RAM or better, try running without a swap file.

Actually, the 4thGen, i5/i7 QuadCore CPU's, with HD4600 graphics, seems to be a real, "sweet spot" for running Sims 2. Newer nVidia cards don't like Sims 2 much. They run much better on the HD graphics, in newer machines.

I consider the Lenovo ThinkPad T440p, with a Quad Core i7-4700mq, nVidia 730, OR HD4600, Windows 8.1, and 8-16gb/RAM to be the best "Simming" machine, you can get. Add a Solid State Drive, and you'll be more than happy with it!
This is he best setup I've found yet.

On one of my systems, I run Windows 8.1, and my Sims work just fine with nVidia NVS 4200m/Intel® Core™ i7-2640M (2.9GHz), and 8/16gbRAM on the low end.

One of my machines has nVidia, GTX950 graphics, and I have to run Sims 2 on the HD530 graphics, until I figure out what the problem is with the nVidia graphics/Sims 2 mix.
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