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Old 18th Nov 2008, 3:39 AM DefaultSim Hair W/h Side Bangs #1
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This hair is really cute and someone else was looking for it and I decided I wanted it for myself as well.
It looks like someone "Nouked" it. I checked the most common places where noukification (Wow, its like a new word or something) occurs (Garden of Shadows, MTS2, Sims Cave). I also checked places where it is the most likely to make a mesh like that (Raonsims, Xmsims, Peggysims, Rose). I found similar styles, but not the exact one. Its so irritating because it seems as if I seen that hair all too many times but can't find it.
Thank you in advance for helping.
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It's the Peggy Nov 07 special gift. Not sure who did that particular recolour, but it's an edited version, with a shorter fringe/bangs.

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Unfortunately, the site where it was found (onineko) has been in "maintenance mode" for a while. I don't know if the modder (Cherie) has found a new home.
Old 19th Nov 2008, 12:08 AM #6
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Oh, well that sucks.
Thanks everyone for your help.

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