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Old 16th Nov 2008, 2:21 PM DefaultWCIF goth replacements for Maxis clothing #1
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So here I have a town full of goths running aorund in interesting clothing. Black leather, velvet lace, vinyl. And they look fabulous. And then along comes a townie in khaki and a Hawaiian shirt. Ew?

I suppose one could just edit all the townies to have nice clothes ...but

Has anyone made default replacement recolours of the maxis clothes to something less horrible? I mean we're stuck with the mesh anyways so they might as well be more attractive. Even if its just all the maxis items in black and white that would be less jarring then some of the amazingly ugly outfits Maxis shoved in there.

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I don't think anyone has done this, but as you said yourself you could edit them yourself or you could remove all Townies from your Neighborhood...thus not having to see them.

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Old 17th Nov 2008, 1:09 AM #3
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There are lots of tutorials out there (check the Wiki) for creating custom townies. It's better to start from scratch (making sure no game-generated ones are created at all before you make your own) but you can still do it even if they already exist, whether you want to make over the existing ones or eliminate them and make new ones.
Old 17th Nov 2008, 8:44 AM #4
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Test Subject

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ok then

WCIF a tutorial for making default replacements? *lol* so I can paint all the maxis clothes black. I can do regular recolours I'm just not sure how to make them override the existing Maxis ones
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Search MTS2 for "default replacements from scratch" and ye shall find.

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